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Change Administrator ComponentPlugin


Change admin does not work on multi language site.

Backup your site before update ChangeAdmin.
Whenever you update the joomla must rerun ChangeAdmin.

Whenever you update Joomla, try to see if ChangeAdmin continues preventing direct access to the administrator. If not prevent rerun ChangeAdmin to correct it!


Now with support to dot in joomla root folder.
Thank you Sébastien Rufiange for tip.

The goal of this component is to enhanced the security of sites in Joomla, in special the administrator folder.

Now Plugin to hidden changeadmin menuitem from others users. Only available to super admin.

If changeadmin create the directory "adminxyzkl" then access administrator with:

If try access:
Redirect to Google.

Read help.html (link online) to details and Help online.

Now support to portuguese and english.

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Reviews: 4
This component has worked great for me for over a year.

But now it will not let me in. It forwards me to Google.

How can I completely remove this component. I want it gone so that I can do my work. I will add it back once everything is updated.

Owner's reply

Usually this is due to lack of mod_rewrite on the server.

To completely remove just remove on administrator/index.php the 3 lines:

if ($ _COOKIE ['JoomlaAdminSession']! = "1234567890")
?> location = '.. / index.php'; ;

Then remove the file administrator/.htaccess

These instructions are on WARNING.txt.

Reviews: 5
Thanks for this good extension !
I've just try it on Joomla 2.5.1
Didn't work with com_changeadmin_j25 (there, miss a file : changeadmin.php~) but it work really nice with com_changeadmin2_j17.

A good work, really what i was thinking of developping, but i don't need now to, as you did it perfectly !
Thanks !
Reviews: 1
I played two hours to make this Extension. MySql erased, but still can not find my site's admin section.
Owner's reply

Please, please readme WARNING in file readme.txt after uncompress the component.
Or here in this page on extensions.

Reviews: 3
Hi what i was looking for already found it here. thanks does what it says. Can we instead of redirecting page throw some (404 405 error or something like landed on some wrong link)
Not Found.
Sorry, the requested page or object does not exist on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or forbidden.
Owner's reply

If using 1.5 version I dont support. Please use the 2.5.1 version.
Extract the file and read the readme.txt file.

See if your server support Apache mod_rewrite, is required.

Reviews: 1
I have just installed. It is easy to change path as your customization.
Thanks for your works "changeadmin project" :)
Reviews: 29
I have always been worried by the forced use of /administrator for the back end, plus the numerous "J! flags" in a Joomla site which scream "Hack me, I'm Joomla!". Yes I understand that it's not quite that easy, but a little more cloak and dagger in the core product would go a long way to helping make J! even more secure.

This was an easy install, worked perfectly first time, and I had no issues.

Would love to have seen more of this is J! 1.7, but this little mod helps a lot!
Reviews: 5
It's the easiest and most practical I've seen very good tool or errors only two comments I imagine that will be easy to solve with an update and that is that in version 1.7 and 1.7.1 / procuce error is not found 404 items, and other thing does not respect the language of the admin, ie I work in Spanish with the component works in English, by the way is a fantastic tool if I communicate better
Reviews: 1
Hi !
thanks for this component i used it for tow sites for the first it's ok but for the second no :( i deleted the .htaccess from the administrator directorie and i still can't access to my admin :s
what is the solution ??

Thank you !
Owner's reply

Edit your


and remove this lines below:

if (@$_COOKIE['JoomlaAdminSession'] != "1234567890")

Reviews: 6
I run a J1.5 site on Dreamhost, which supports mod_rewrite. I tried installing the component by following the instructions. Changed the admin name, logged out, tried to log back in with the new name. 404 not found error. Impossible to log back in with new name or administrator. Fortunately the instructions to uninstall are correct, which I did and came back to square 1.
Owner's reply

The problem probably are in Dreamhost.
See other success installations below.

Apache have write permission in directory from your site?
Specially in administrator?

Reviews: 3
I had previously been using jSecure to prevent access to the default administrator login page, but that extension has become commercial, and hence I started searching for a free alternative, and came across this one.
I was a little intimidated by the warnings about mod-rewrite, but since I had just installed joomla into a fresh website I decided to give it a whirl. I installed it and went into the extension and typed a new name into the only window available, and presto, I had a new administrator login URL!
One of the best and simplest extensions I have ever come across.
I would however recommend that the button for documentation should not lead to a 404 error!
Owner's reply


Thank you for your feedback.
The 404 are for Joomla 1.6.1 to 1.6.3.
Try to login and logout in this versions.

Now in Joomla 1.7 is dont display, more redirect to index.php of the site.

Reviews: 1
Maybe this would work on some sites; however, I have Namecheap hosting and everything is enabled as the author states needs to be and nothing! I was locked out of the site admin area and kept getting redirected to index.php. Then, I had to manually delete any reference to the extension in PhpMyadmin and all folders. This did not work for me. Maybe it will work for you? BACKUP ALL FILES BEFORE ATTEMPTING!
Owner's reply

Please staccs8, see the readme Or WARNING in this page.

Your web server dont support the mod_rewrite.
Then remove the hidden file


Reviews: 6
This component is simply indispensable for your site security. It does just what it says it would -enables you to hide the administrator folder from a potential intruder. Must have add-on and big thank you to the developer. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
The extension is great but I messed up. I can't access my admin page anymore.

Could you help?
Owner's reply

Your server dont support mod_rewrite.
Then remove the file:


And your site works again.

Reviews: 8
Just found that over the last week i've had quite a few people attempting to login to the back end of one of my sites. ChangeAdmin virtually changes the name of your /administrator page, so unless you know the name of the folder, you don't have access to the back end. Easy to install and setup too. Just install, choose the new /administrator folder name, logout, and log back in! Simple, but effective at keeping the undesirables out of your site! Sometimes simple security is the best solution. Kudos to the developer.
Reviews: 1
I can not describe my satisfaction when I tried the component .. It just works perfectly and is very simple ... All the best ... :)
Easy to install .. Start component ... post some directory name, and clicking on the change .. :) that's it .. :) all do the well .. : D later, all you have to do is to log out and write /name-that-you-entered, and that's it .. :)
Thanks a lot.. :D