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Login One! Plugin

The Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0 versions of the Only Once! plug-in have been renamed Login One!
Visit the project website for the J1.5 version.

A small but nifty plugin that prevents multiple log-ins by the same user credentials, for both front-end and back-end. A useful tool for websites that share or exchange potentially sensitive information amongst their registered users.
User must either sign off the first session, or wait until the first session has expired. Super administrators can always have multiple log-ins.

There are two plugins that must be installed via the Joomla! back-end. See instructions in the download package.
Supported languages: Frontend: Dutch, English, German. Backend: English.

Premium and Business editions are available, offering more sophisticated options.

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Reviews: 3
I purchased the Business Edition because we needed users to have multiple logins, but not unlimited.

This plugin is excellent! And it turns out there is even more flexibility than we expected. BTW - we are using joomla 1.5.

With the business edition, you can set the global default # of logins per user. In our case it's three.

Then you can override this by creating groups. Example user ID's 4-10,44 and 55 can have 7 logis. And you can create up to ten groups like this.

It works like a charm. This is a GREAT value program. Also - I wasn't sure of how to do some settings and had some questions. The developer provides excellent support.

Like many of us here, I've downloaded a large variety of plugins, but it's rare to find a gem like this one.

A big thanks to the developer for creating it and for the great support.
Owner's reply

The option to configure override groups was added especially for this customer. It is not part of the standard editions.

Reviews: 2
I have Only Once! in my Joomla 1.5 and now, I migrate my site to Joomla 2.5 and this Login One! working perfectly. And the support is the best!
Thanks Innato for this great plugin!
Reviews: 2
Excelent work, excelent in security, and excelent in support.
Simply perfect.