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JLSecure My Site Plugin

JLSecure My Site is simple plugin which add key & value requirement to the administrator url.
This will prevent unauthorised visitors to access the admin panel without correct permission.
For example, if you configure the plugin to use key=foo & value=bar, the url for your administrator panel must be:

* You must set this key & value after installation and enable the plug-in just after this initialization.
* The *VALUE* MUST CONTAIN *ONLY* letters and/or numbers: A-Z, a-z, 0-9 (NO SIGNS).
* After logout from administrator panel, you must re-enter the key&value url to re-enter the administrator panel.
* The key & value settings could be change occasionally.
* If you enabled the plugin without any changing of default values try to login with the next link:

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Reviews: 3
As title says, a simple but very effective security measure for the admin login page/address.

Always had a solution like this in mind, but not being a coder myself, I lived without it.
Until I found this very handy plugin :-)

As a secuity measure, IMO it should be part of the J!core.
Hackers cant brute your admin login on address anymore :-)

Thanks to devs for making this a free plug!
Thumbs up.
Owner's reply

Thanks for wonderful reply.
We'll talk to the J!Core team to move this plugin to be part of CMS.

Reviews: 14
I saw the good reviews and I installed this on my site. And now I can't access my Administrator Panel. When I type the access code it automatically add "/" and it gives me an error message. The developers site is not in english and I can't see any support. Help. Help.
Owner's reply

Thanks for try our plugin.
If you enabled the plugin without any changing of default values try to login with the next link:

If you still didn't get it work, contact us: oc666 (-at-) netvision (-dot-) net (-dot-) il

Reviews: 2
Great plugin, works like a charm! thank you!
Reviews: 4
Outstanding, just what I needed, no fuss it just worked. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
It does exactly what I was expecting! Thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
Greate! I just installed and it works perfect! This will be a MUST in all my future joomla sites!
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