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jSecure Lite ComponentPlugin

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jSecure Lite for Joomla!

Drawback: Joomla has one drawback, any web user can easily know if the site is created in Joomla! by typing the URL to access the administration area (i.e. This allows hackers to hack the site easily once they crack the id and password for Joomla!. The jSecure Lite component prevents access to the administration (back end) login page if the user does not use the appropriate access key.

Easy to install, jSecure Lite adds a layer of security to your Joomla! website.

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Reviews: 7
Even though I try to use as few extensions as possible, I install jSecure lite on all my sites.
It's such an effective way to prevent access to the administrator, and conceal the fact that you're running Joomla at a first glance.
Additionally, it hides it from DoS bots that try to crack the admin password
Reviews: 6
This is an easy to set up extension that does just what it says. Thank you! Thank you for the good documentation too: I forgot to hit "save" after setting my keyword then logged out to test my new administrator login URL and it didn't work. Luckily the jSecureLite help page at another website at which I'd already installed jSecureLite, told me how to log in.
Reviews: 6
Wow. This is great. I am feeling really secured. I am just using lite version of this extension for my joomla 3.
Soon i am going to buy the pro version of this extension.