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Two Factor Authentication Plugin

Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is a 100% Open Source, free to use security system for your Joomla site’s backend. Two Factor Authentication works in collaboration with the Google’s famous Authenticator App.

Installing this app adds an extra layer of security in addition to the Joomla’s login system (front-end as well as back-end).

If anybody gains your admin or site member's login credentials and try to attempt login then another module of Two factor Authentication will pop up instantly and it will ask for a unique Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) which will be generated only on your Cellphone via Google's Authenticator App. So, this new layer will add up to the strength of the security at your end.

Two Factor Authenticator secures the signing in process using 2 constants-
+ Something you know i.e. your site’s backend password.
+ Something you have i.e. your mobile phone (to generate the one time code).

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Main Key Features are:-
1. Two Step Authentication Setup with Google Authenticator.
2. Verify with a Barcode.
3. Verify with a Account Name and Secret-Key.
4. Backup Codes Available
5. Logging in with Two Step Authentication.

New Features (in version 2.0):-

1. Available for backend as well as frontend login.
2. End User Configurable: The admin can enable the plugin for all his users and now the users will be able to choose whether to use the security feature or not.

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Reviews: 2
Hi there! I like so much this plugin for many reasons, first is free, then not that hard to install and then because is 100% open source!

Reviews: 3
I believe that the idea for creating this extension was brilliant because my joomla website was hacked several times in the past. I installed the most recent updated plugin but still do not see the option for TFA when I go to te User accounts after enabling the plugin. I believe there is an issue with my server times but I do not know how to correct this. I will appreciate your help since I have been told of your reliable customer service. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I've downloaded this plugin and installed, in our production site, at first didn't work but with the excellent help of Manish Trivedi(from 2FA) and his guide found that the time in our server was not rigth. This is a great product if you just want to secure more your entry forms to the your site.
Owner's reply

Hello Marcelofabiani,

We love your high appraisal review for us. Your recommendation is really a moral booster for our team. We wish to thank you very much for joining us and allowing us to help you.

Team ReadyBytes

Reviews: 6
Worked right out of the box the first time. Instructions were a little hard to following but I managed to muddle through it. Install from web failed with can not find XML file, but downloading from website and installing manually via upload to site worked. Enabled for back end and super user and it worked.

Thank you!Q!!!
Owner's reply

Hello Rayven,

Thank You very much for your precious feedback. We have noted it and will definitely improve on it.

The instructions are pure technical currently. We will add comments and proper recommendations to make it seamless with the installation process.

We will also add support for the install from web option in Joomla.

We really appreciate that you allowed us your genuine feedbacks and time.

Thank You
Team Ready Bytes.

Reviews: 7
I have been looking for this forever! Our small e-commerce site comes under constant attack and it's only a matter of time before someone brute forces their way in. I travel abroad a lot in parts of the world with poor internet security and need to access the back end. This is the answer! Install it, read the red warnings, and don't worry, you can always have a backup code emailed to you. JUST MAKE SURE your super admin user is set up with an email address you can access in case something goes wrong. Word of advice, I set up a second super user just in case and didn't enable this extension for that user. Took me 10 minutes to set up and now staff also access and process orders using this extension. My web developer can access it easily and do what he needs to do on the site.
Great extension, easy to use, brilliant!
Owner's reply

Hi Dave,

It's very cool to know that 2FA has sorted out your trouble. It is a great pleasure and a motivation for our team to know that you have liked their efforts.

Thank you very much for allowing some of your priceless time for us.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 2
Thank you for this extension. Very simple and working on Joomla 2.5. Works with Google Auth. App as promised on android phone. I liked it a lot because it support multi-user joomla environment in backend and front end. I like also your simple web documentation. Good work! :-)
Owner's reply

Hello Don,

Thank You very much for sharing your feelings with us. We very much like your motivating review and feel good.

Thank You very much for taking out some time for us.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 2
Works perfect! Was having some problems because my test was running under PHP 5.2
Due to the excellent support was this problem very well and fast fixed.
Owner's reply

Hello Bert,

Thank You very much for appreciating 2FA. It is always our utmost priority to help out our users.

We are very glad that we could help you out with the issues.

Thank You very much for allowing us, some of your precious time for a kind review.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 28
I have installed this on a couple of sites without any problems, and will go on and deploy this on all my Joomla sites.

It is definitely a must for me going forward to add this kind of security on all sites.

Highly recommended!!
Owner's reply

Hi Dear,

Thank You very much for supporting us. It was very great of you to allow some time for us writing an awesome review.

We love to contribute to Joomla.
Team Ready Bytes.

Reviews: 4
it is good extensions...! secure administrator area..but need more!
Owner's reply

Hi Nicco,

Thank You very much for your review.

We have recently updated to new version 2.0. It has a few new features. We added it in the description above.

Thank You for allowing us your precious time writing a review.

Team Ready Bytes