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Mail IP Address Plugin

A simple plugin that mails the IP address of new user registrations to all users who are set to receive system emails.

It also mails the name, username and email address.

Usage: Install as normal using the Joomla installer. Remember to enable the plugin in the plugin manager. It will send emails to any user who is set to receive system emails, so if you don't get an email check you are set to receive them in the Joomla user manager.

That's it.

Version 2 is now compatible with Joomla 3 as well as 2.5. It also includes a language file to make it easier to override the message text.

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Reviews: 66
If your site is receiving spam registrations, Mail IP Address can be a helpful tool. There are lots of websites that can show which country an IP address is from, and this plugin emails you the IP address for every new registration.
Reviews: 1
This is a simple but unique plugin. It does its job efficiently without hassles !

Every time you activate a new user at your site, you wonder where he came from ?!. The question that this plugin can simply answer for you. No other plugins can exactly do this for you

My suggestions for the developer is to include the country of the user along with other collectible data such as: referrer page, browser, etc ...

Thanks Fiona Coulter for this nice extension !
Reviews: 1
I installed this plugin more than a year ago.

I recommend this great plugin for every site.

I hope that the Joomla 3 vesion will be available soon.

Big Thanks Spiral Scripts
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive comments, we are definitely planning to release a version for Joomla 3, hopefully quite soon

Reviews: 1
Excellent security plugin. I recommend for every site. I strongly need the "Joomla 3" vesion.

Thanks Spiral Scripts, we are Waiting for Joomla 3 vesion.
Owner's reply

Joomla 3 version now available.

Reviews: 18
Thank your for your great plugin, it is exactly what I was looking for since a long time
Reviews: 2
Fantastic plugin which brings back the feature of new user's email! Not sure why this was dropped in 2.5, but I'm glad someone made this plugin. The admin's email is even formatted correctly again!

Just turn off the send admin email in options under users(or you get two emails). The one this plugin provides with all the great info admins really need with new registrations and the useless one Joomla 2.5's core provides telling you just the name, username and the sitename. Still scratching my head about why the sitename is provide by the core notice. Anyway....

Thanks again for writing this great plugin!
Reviews: 8
Hi, one of the features that where present in Joomla 1.5.x but are missing in Joomla 1.7.x is the mail I (administrator) get when a new user registers. After registration I have a procedure in place that I have to execute (screen user, sent welcome message, set correct access rights, etc.)

This simple plugin saves me a lot of time, previously I had to login several times a day (mostly to find out that no new users had registered), but now I get the highly anticipated mail that a new user has registered.

So although probably not intended for this purpose I highly appreciate this plugin!
Reviews: 1
no more to say. helped me a lot. ideal little plugin that simply works. great idea and good work.
Reviews: 2
I installed the plugin to my Joomla 1.6.6 website. Installed successfully, then enabled it, and logged out as administrator.
From the front-end, I had created an new account, then I had activated that account by email as any visitor, NOT as an admin.
Unfortunately, I didn't receive any IP Information about the new account.
Then I uninstalled the plugin successfully.
Owner's reply

I am very surprised to hear this. It is a simple plugin, there is not a lot that can go wrong. In order to receive emails your administrator account must be set to receive system emails - did you check this? Also have you checked your spam filter? If you want to contact our support I would be happy to figure out what the problem is.

Reviews: 5
Exactly what I was looking for!
Reviews: 24
It just does what it says. You install it and once done every email administrator receives will include the IP Address from the registered user. Works perfect. Many thanks!