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Admin Tools is a true Swiss Army knife for your site. Our freely available Admin Tools Core will detect, notify you about and install new Joomla! releases, fix your files' and directories' permissions, protect your administrator directory with a password, change your database prefix, set a secure Super Administrator ID, migrate links pointing to your old domain on-the-fly and perform database maintenance, all with a single click.

Written and maintained by the same developer as Akeeba Backup and the Joomla! updater component of Joomla! 2.5.4 and later.

Note: a commercial edition (Admin Tools Professional) with extra security-oriented features is also available from our site for a fee. This listing is about the free version, Admin Tools Core.

Note 2: The software is free of charge, its support is not. You need a subscription to request support. However, its documentation, the troubleshooting wizard and searching the public tickets is free.

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Reviews: 1
Whilst I had manually added security to my site, I wanted to improve my security, manage security more efficiently and monitor intrusion activity. That software allows me to achieve all this and more. It's extremely good value for money, professionally written and presented and the documentation is extremely professional. Lot's of config options and whilst there is a good support system, you don't need it. It does what it says it does on the box! I have also purchased the Pro Backup software by Akeeba and I am every bit as pleased with that software and indeed the complete package offered by Akeeba. They are a shining example to all. Well Done Nicholas and team.
Reviews: 42
I used to use Sam Moffat's excellent Update Manager component on every website I build but there's no Joomla 1.7 version yet. So I had to go looking for something else and Akeeba Admin Tools is it! There are several tools but the most useful and time saving one for me is the Joomla Update tool to make it easy to keep up to date with security patches. Admin Tools seems to be built to the same high quality as the other Akeeba tools so I will be installing this on every website I build, confident that it won't let me down. Nicholas, you are a huge asset to the Joomla community.
Reviews: 2
I've used Akeeba Backup before, but just now had my first experience using these wonderful tools to install a Joomla upgrade. To say I'm blown away is an understatement. Donation on the way. Thanks VERY much!
Reviews: 1
There are three extensions I always use on every web site. Eyesite to monitor site changes, Akeeba backup and this one Admin Tools. Admin Tools and Backup are both by the same author who produces an excellent product.
Reviews: 6
The tool makes the protection of the /administrator directory by placing a .htaccess and a .htpasswd file in it. I've read that it's more secure if the .htpasswd file is outside the public_html directory. So I advise you to let the tool place that file somewhere there, if that's possible on the user's host of course.
Reviews: 6
If you've ever had to spend time mnaually upgrading a Joomla! installation, where just a small error can really do a lot of damage (ever drop a set of folders on the wrong level?...), you'll be glad to know that with Admin Tools, those days are OVER! This extension should be part of the default Joomla! package. Works perfectly! Thank you!
Reviews: 3
Definitely a must have. Not only is the product very helpful, the documentation is very well done. I'm sure I will be checking out his other products.
Reviews: 1
Great extension, thx for hard work
Reviews: 5
I love this tool. I show it to others and they all want it on their site too.
Reviews: 1
Excellent work, this should be bundled with the Joomla core !
Reviews: 5
Akeeba Adnin Tools is another one of those extensions that every Joomla! site should have. I have it in all my client's websites and also in my localhost install package that I use to develop new sites. Together with Akeeba Backup it has everything you need to keep your site(s) safe.

I love its ability to change the default super-admin user as well as the database prefix. That's security 101 for every Joomla! site.

Akeeba's support is amazing and their docs are the most complete I've ever seen.

Thanks, Nicholas, for another awesome extension!
Reviews: 5
Five stars all the way. This extension does a lot of the things the Joomla core should already be doing and all with the ease of a click. Helps you harden your site against exploits as well giving you the ease and simplicity of one click updates for your version of Joomla. This is a fantastic extension no Joomla install should be without. Try it; you'll love it. I did and I do. Thanks Nicholas for this. It's awesome!
Reviews: 3
After reading about the steps required to secure a Joomla site against hacking ( was wondering whether to take a chance at renaming the sql databases and so on, when I came across this extension. It covered almost every step that the security checklist advised me to do, and hence saved me hours of work and innumerable gray hairs!
The only significant point that is not covered (and is present in the Pro edition) is a secure htaccess file, but you can easily get a master file which was edited by the same developer, from the Joomla Security Centre and modify it for your site.
This is such an excellent piece of software, along with the other offering from the developer (Akeeba Backup) that I am seriously considering buying a Pro version just to express my support, though I dont really need the additional benefits of the Pro edition.
Reviews: 5
I initially downloaded this just for the joomla update feature but it actually has so many useful tools.

The security features point out things which you may not have thought about and are really easy to use.

Will be installing this on all future joomla sites, its a must have!
Reviews: 3
Lovely extension and very nice support.
Reviews: 1
I really love this extension, is 1 of the first extension I install when I have build a new website in joomla. I suggest to anyone to give it a try and I'm pretty sure that noone will remove the extension.
Thank a lot to the Akeeba developer, even for Akeeba Backup, which is another of my favorite extension.
Reviews: 1
I am somewhat new to Joomla but not new to the web as I have a couple of other websites. I must say this Admin Tools package by Akeeba is awesome for what it does and its the free version too. It's very simple to install and use. I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 7
I absolutely love this product, it is one of my favorites along with all akkeba products, their stuff is an absolute must have for all joomla sites, the developer is one of my faves too, right up there with JoomlaXI, andrew eddie and socialables. A++
Reviews: 5
All the Akeeba Products are smart, easy, productive and safe to use; its amazing how many time this tool safe to you.... I have no words to explain how wonderfull are to find tools like this
Reviews: 5
I just purchased an anti hack component for $$ - than I found this! Should definitely be a standard in future Joomla releases. my donation is on its way! Thank you!
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