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Admin Tools is a true Swiss Army knife for your site. Our freely available Admin Tools Core will detect, notify you about and install new Joomla! releases, fix your files' and directories' permissions, protect your administrator directory with a password, change your database prefix, set a secure Super Administrator ID, migrate links pointing to your old domain on-the-fly and perform database maintenance, all with a single click.

Written and maintained by the same developer as Akeeba Backup and the Joomla! updater component of Joomla! 2.5.4 and later.

Note: a commercial edition (Admin Tools Professional) with extra security-oriented features is also available from our site for a fee. This listing is about the free version, Admin Tools Core.

Note 2: The software is free of charge, its support is not. You need a subscription to request support. However, its documentation, the troubleshooting wizard and searching the public tickets is free.

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Reviews: 116
I have been developing websites with Mambo, then joomla 1.0, 1.5, 1.6 and now 1.7. I have to say this out aloud - WOW - What a nice Component.

Thank you for taking the time to create this masterpiece. When you get my donation. Have a few beers. It is well deserved. I'm still in shock!
Owner's reply

You're welcome! Thank you for your kind words and your donation :)

Reviews: 2
Had to leave a review just to say am new to Joomla and thought nothing could be as useful as the backup component but this comes close! Even for a novice so easy to use. Thanks for an amazing product.
Reviews: 2
Many thanks to the developer. This extension is a true time-saver. Why not include it in joomla core?
Reviews: 11
I'm surprised this isn't an "Editor's Pick".

This is a very powerful tool that makes various jobs so much easier to do.

I found it from a mention in the idea pool. Wish I had found this years ago!

Easy to install, easy to use, and a must have for every Joomla website.
Reviews: 1
For me it's the best solution against hacker attacks on my website. Fix permissions, set password to access admin area and more. Thank you very much for this extension.
Reviews: 1
like a swiss army :)
Reviews: 2
best "admin tools" i ever used..thanks
Reviews: 1
Just the tool I needed. Almost every Joomla! website that I put up was hacked into and I had started learning some simple website security techniques. It comes as a relief that I don't have to carry out those techniques manually anymore. Admin Tools is doing it for me... thanks a million
Reviews: 4
All I can say is WOW. This is one of the most useful components that I have downloaded and highly recommend this to everyone. It makes updating and securing your website so much easier. Items of this nature should be made part of the Core of Joomla. Very well done. Easy to install and even easier to understand and operate.
Reviews: 4
I installed Admin Tools and Akeeba back-up around 8 months ago and have found both to be absolutely superb and the support is the best I've ever encountered yet.
This makes life a lot easier for updating to the latest Joomla update and for many other tasks.
Reviews: 6
I like it, e.g. upgrade of Joomla! was never so easy! Also other tools are useful, thanks.
Reviews: 6
I really really love this extension and it's family. Always use Admin Tools with Akeeba Backup and Akeeba Kickstart. Running smoothly from remote to local site. Great job. God bless you!
Reviews: 21
Nicholas ... you are a god! Truly you have made my life better, not to mention the time I will save with upgrades. After being hacked I will sleep better at night knowing that I have this in place.
Thank You.
Reviews: 16
This is a great all-in-one, well integrated extension with very useful and easy-to-use features.

My favorites are:
- Updating Joomla with such ease with the option of also using FTP
- Administrator's login protection
- Repairing/Optimizing databases
- Setting files/folders' permissions

What I don't like, which isn't a great deal really especially taking into account it general usefulness, is the fact it it inserts code into the .htaccess file, that "## EOMBAK - Do not remove this line or this file" line.

I don't know if the FREE version of the extension actually makes use if it really or if it used only with regard to some special option, but I generally don't like the messing with Joomla core files; it shouldn't happen, especially if the utility of such action is not present.
Moreover, I somehow ended up with three such lines of "## EOMBAK - Do not remove this line or this file" in my .htaccess file.

Another thing I have come to value in Joomla extensions is the effectiveness of their uninstallation. If I choose to uninstall an extension, I don't want anything staying behind, because then it is just garbage I don't need to have.
I uninstalled Admin Tools (while looking for a solution to a problem I had) and the database entries were maintained along with two folders and two files in the Joomla directory.

Large benefits, small disadvantages, yet right now I am looking to replace it with a simple admin login protection extension, while other features offered (of those that I personally use, that is) are not difficult tasks for me to accomplish, even though not as easy and fast as with this extension...

I've just grown to value extensions that "keep to their own"...
...of course this may be choice one has to make when opting for a do-it-all extension...

Great product overall, and it is important that it is actively supported and regularly updated. It certainly makes the user feel more secure and comfortable.
Owner's reply

Thank you about your positive comments! However, there are two points in your review that I need to comment on:

1. The EOMBAK comment is added IF AND ONLY IF you use the Emergency Off-Line Mode. As the name suggests, it should only be used in case of emergency, i.e. when you suspect that someone besides you is accessing your site's back-end or when you've identified a vulnerability in your site. As we explicitly note at the very top of that feature's page, it is imperative that you read the documentation to understand how it works. It works by swapping your .htaccess file with another one which blocks all IPs except yours. Please do read the documentation and the warnings printed on the page being displayed on your browser. Both are there for a reason.

2. Admin Tools is supposed to uninstalled cleanly. If you ran into an uninstallation issue, please report it to our free support forum, including the names of the tables and files that were left behind. Remember: a bug not reported is a bug not fixed. It's not like we entertain ourselves by putting bugs in our software on purpose ;) Report it and it will be fixed within minutes or -in the case of very pesky bugs- hours. That's our bug squashing policy!

Reviews: 1
This set of tools is presented in a helpfully user-friendly way. Using it gives me a greater level of confidence in my site security - though I value the illustration of a bullet-proof vest!

Together with the well-presented documentation (though I think I did spot a minor layout fault!), I have used the facilities I need in less than a day, without any problem.
Reviews: 5
Nicholas accurately describes Admin Tools as “a true Swiss Army Knife for your site,” but even that is an understatement. Admin Tools offers basic protection for any Joomla! site, even in places you didn’t know you had vulnerabilities. It also does the heavy lifting on tedious chores that often get put off until the last possible moment of inevitability, including 1-Click Joomla! core updates and Database maintenance.

You will probably find other extensions in JEDland that offer various subsets of this multi-tool’s functionality and feature set, but none that I am aware of provides its reach and scope in a single, clean and integrated package for the nice price of free.

From one newbie to another, this is truly exemplary software no Joomla! site should be without. But for even greater protection, you would do well, as I did after testing it on a couple of personal sites, to step up to the Professional edition which does so much more. It’s incredibly inexpensive protection for all the other investments and commitments you make in the work you do.
Reviews: 8
This extenstion should by default be "in the box". Some of the options should not even be necessary (like changing the database prefix and Admin id) but since they are I am very happy with this easy solution!

Thank you, and thanks again Nicholas and Akeeba developers!
Reviews: 3
I very rarely submit reviews for anything but this is so good and valuable to Joomla sites, in my opinion, that I felt it necessary to take the time to suggest to all who read this to download this component and install it! You won't regret it and you will wonder how you got by without it!! Excellent!
Reviews: 8
Very good work.

Reviews: 1
I forget things often, and I would not consider an installation complete without the Akeeba core backup. My installations all have it installed and by the second installation is Admin tools. I go to it immediately after logging into the back end. I cannot rate their product and support as anything but the best I have experienced. You have to try it before you will believe it.
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