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Admin Tools is a true Swiss Army knife for your site. Our freely available Admin Tools Core will detect, notify you about and install new Joomla! releases, fix your files' and directories' permissions, protect your administrator directory with a password, change your database prefix, set a secure Super Administrator ID, migrate links pointing to your old domain on-the-fly and perform database maintenance, all with a single click.

Written and maintained by the same developer as Akeeba Backup and the Joomla! updater component of Joomla! 2.5.4 and later.

Note: a commercial edition (Admin Tools Professional) with extra security-oriented features is also available from our site for a fee. This listing is about the free version, Admin Tools Core.

Note 2: The software is free of charge, its support is not. You need a subscription to request support. However, its documentation, the troubleshooting wizard and searching the public tickets is free.

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Reviews: 5
It really is a must for all joomla instlations add to this their backup system and you done.

Easy to use and the speed increase as well as security is excellent.

Would gice it 6 stars if i could.

Their support forum is well attended and speedy responses
Reviews: 2
Both Akeeba Backup and Admin Tools are a MUST for all Joomla users. They work straight out of the box, are easy to use and come complete with full and understandable documentation. The technical knowledge required to use these add ons is kept to a minimum allowing most people to achieve professional results.
Reviews: 8
Nicolas has done it again! Just installed the new version of admin tools pro and all the additional items that I do for security are now built into one tool: changing admin ID, changingin the database prefix, etc. etc.
This component really will make life simpler for me and harder for hackers! Great stuff! Nicolas
Reviews: 3
This is an extremely helpful tool that works like a charm. Every Joomla webmaster should use it. It updates in seconds and it adds an extra layer of security.

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Thank you! Understandable, easy to install, easy to use and always a perfect documentation. With this tool i solved for example the problem that joomla shows too much visitors!
Reviews: 1
I needed to update to 1.5.22 and was delighted at the ease with which this tool did the work. It took longer to fill out the ftp information than it took to do the update!

The documentation package should be the standard for all developers. I rarely see such detail and thought put into guiding and educating the user.

I will be purchasing the "Pro" package when I move to J! 1.6.

Well done.

Reviews: 16
Just a few clicks and BAM, I'm up to date. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
Very well thought out and designed utility. I am so thankful for this one component. I have Akeba Backup Pro and found it to be so well developed and supported. I found the same to be true with Admin Tools. Does just what it is supposed to and is very well behaved on my server. I really like it and would recommend to ALL Joomla! admins. Especially New to Joomla to be sure! THANK YOU, Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
Reviews: 1
Took me mere seconds to update, and amazing security features! Great Work!
Reviews: 15
Anyone that owns a Joomla site should install this. No more having to manually upload files via ftp! A simple one click and your Joomla site has been updated and secured! Fantastic component saving me loads of time on my clients sites!
Reviews: 3
One of the difficulties of Joomla! 1.5 is getting to a few of the admin tasks that are not "in the open". Akeeba's Admin Tools can help with that. Even the free version accomplishes a lot. Joomla! releases an update? Go to tools and click to update the core. No more FTP overwriting to accomplish needed security releases. It does the same for updating itself--something every J! application should do!

It has a temp directory clean option, will purge old sessions, and can call a repair and optimize directive for your MySQL database. A few more neat features--but something totally useful for ongoing site admin. I have installed and use this on all of my sites. Great job!
Reviews: 8
What more can be said for Nicolas's amazing products, been using them for around four years, in previous guises etc and wouldn't be without them, indeed I include them as a pre-requisite in every site I design. Both Akeeba Backup and admin tools.

Reviews: 4
All I can say is this component is fantastic, I hope you add more features to this free version.
Reviews: 3
Excellent Excellent Excellent!!! really amazing tool with amazing works.....!! really missed this tool a lot for updating the joomla, for cleaning the temp files, for fixing the tables, for fixing the permissions....OMG the list dont end.....I love the Akeeba Backup manger too.....the best tools in this world of Joomla............Great Work!!!!!!
Reviews: 1
An outstanding extension that make an administrator's life much easier! Excellent job!
Reviews: 7
Love this extension with great features. Very cool!!!
The interface is so much easier to use. I used in all my sites.
Reviews: 5
This is the easiest admin tool I have tried. I am new to joomla and not a web developer and so I felt I needed a little help to make things easier. I did try a couple other ones, which were also good, but this one does what I needed 3 other extensions to do.

Thank you very much I definitely will check out other software from this developer as it is easy to use easy to configure and just works.

highly recommended. I would be happy to pay for this software.
Reviews: 7
I often have trouble with the file and folder permissions on my Joomla site, as my shared hosting provider tends to have some odd permissions sometimes when installing... so it often leads to errors on my Joomla site. I downloaded Admin Tools to fix this very problem, and it does a fantastic job of correcting the permissions.

Now, that's all I was expecting. But then I noticed Admin Tools also reported my Joomla version was out of date. Cool; I try to stay on top of it, but it's a pain in the rump to have to manually overwrite files by FTP. So I clicked the update button in Admin Tools, and to my surprise it automatically grabbed the patch file for Joomla, extracted it and installed it on my installation. I am now using the latest version of Joomla in only a few mouse clicks.

I was also shocked to find there are some great security enhancements added to Joomla by way of Admin Tools. Things like improved security using htaccess for the Administrator area. I mean, it's all "simple stuff", but putting it all in one place and making it so I don't have to do it manually... THAT is fantastic.

Across my multiple sites, this tool is going to save me a great deal of time, and will also help me effectively manage my Joomla version. FABULOUS.

Thank you so much for making this tool free. While I probably wouldn't have bought it if it were a commercial app, now that I've tried it I am going to have to track down a way to donate as a small thank you for what you've provided.

Great work! Keep the features coming! :)

Reviews: 1
I have found this to be an excellent tool - a must have! I just updated 15 Joomla sites from 1.5.21 to 1.5.22 in 40 minutes - and that included updating the admin tool itself.
Reviews: 8
The Joomla Core Updates work as advertised and the functionality should be a core part of the Joomla admin. Please do not forget to donate if you appreciate this fine tool. Thank you and keep the good work!
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