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JomLand Meta Generator Plugin

JomLand Meta Generator is a System plugin that changes Joomla Generator to anything you wish.

The plugin also blocks module position display (?tp=1). These changes give a nice improvement of site security because it hides the fact that the site is Joomla based.

* Change Meta Generator to any content you wish
* Disable module position display (?tp=1).

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Reviews: 97
This plugin can change the Meta Generator content, but it can NOT allow to totally hide/remove this Meta tag. You can find such a feature in another plugin named ByeByeGenerator, which can do more than this plugin. Why the author still try to develop this plugin when we already have ByeByeGenerator ? Don't waste your time, do something you can do better.
Owner's reply

There are about 1000 (and more) images slider, are all of them EXPECT 1 are waste of time?

Reviews: 2
A very useful extension!