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From the makers of Akeeba Backup Core/Professional and Admin Tools Core, this is the enhanced release of Admin Tools, available on a subscription basis. On top of what Admin Tools Core already offers, Admin Tools Professional has these exclusive features:
- Restrict administrator with a secret URL parameter
- Web Application Firewall to block common exploits (SQL injection, XSS, DFI, RFI, malicious user agent, CSRF/spam-bot protection, uploads scanner)
- Bad word filtering
- IP Whitelisting for the administrator section
- IP Blacklisting
- Geographic block (deny access to specific countries/continents)
- Modification of Generator meta tag and other sensitive HTTP headers
- Email on administrator login
- Block front-end Super Administrator log-in
- Block Super Administrator user modification
- Block extensions installation
- Block visual fingerprinting (tmpl, template and tp URL parameters)
- Integration of the Bad Behavior anti-spam library
- Project Honeypot IP blacklist integration
- Automatic IP blocking of repeat offenders
- Email notifications of all detected security issues
- URL redirections (exclusive support for query parameters!)
- Scheduled site maintenance operations

The software is GPL; buying a single subscription you can install it on as many sites as you want and keep it running even after your subscription expires, without encrypted code, domain limitations or other such nuisances.

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Reviews: 18
This extension is wonderful. Easy to use, practical, and very powerful. Just Great!
Reviews: 7
We use this extension on all our sites. Great component with lots of tools that are useful for security and general site maintenance.
The pro extension includes extra tools for site maintenance and the support is great.
Reviews: 1
I had a site under attack by hackers. With this extension I was able to reject all attacks.
I like this extension.
Reviews: 7
I like it too, excellent tool.
  Once you learn to configure, you really become essential for all projects.
Reviews: 1
After suffering a minor security issue, I thought it was time to put safeguards in place before anything really bad happened.

Admin Tools (by Akeeba) made implementing security measures from basic through to advanced extremely easy.

The accompanying documentation made it relatively easy to configure even the most confusing parameters.

Every Joomla site owner should be using this extension. It is worth 100 times more than what they charge for it.
Reviews: 10
This is a 5* extension from a 5* developer.

Functionality, documentation and support are all first class, say no more!
Reviews: 5 can never be too careful with things out there on the net and because I run a members website, I needed something good for securing everything, and I decided to go for the AdminTools Professional version and it's worth the price which is quite reasonable considering the work Nicholas has put into his extensions, especially this one. Support is top notch and documentation is also. If you are running a business site, and with members, this one you cannot go wrong with.
Reviews: 1
I am not good at English to write the review.
Simply my problems ended. Thanks :)
Reviews: 1
Akeeba admin is a must have extension. I've spent a fair amount of money on apps over the years- sometimes happily so and all too often with a feeling of being ripped off. That's not the case with Akeeba- the support is first class and Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos seems to know his stuff like no other. HE is a joomla guru and I for one endorse his product with confidence.
Reviews: 30
If there were an Joomla Academy Awards, AdminTools would win “Best Extension” and developer Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos would receive a Joomla Oscar.
I have reviewed quite a few Joomla components over the years but AdminTools Professional is the most important extension and the absolute first extension you must install.
What’s the use of installing a zillion great components and goodies – only to later find that all your hours and weeks and months of hard work has been destroyed because your site was hacked. By installing Admin Tools Professional first you can be ensured that your site is as safe as can be. Yes, you still need to be viligent and must educate yourself about Joomla security. An essential first start would be to read the documentation that comes with AdminTools, as well as Nickolas various articles and blogs. AdminTools is a solid foundation to ensure your site’s security.
Although I had great experiences with developer Nicholas’ excellent Joomla Akeeba Backup, I was nervous about installing a security component. I was worried it would be so complicated that I would only make things worse. But as it turned out installing Admin Tools was easy and activating its many security features, including the Web Application Firewall was a no-brainer. Taking advantage of its advanced features in the Pro version was easy too – especially the important .htaccess Maker, which further bulletproofs your site from spammers and hackers.
Equally important is the support Nickolas provides on the ticket forum. Nicholas provides expert and patient help – and listens to suggestions and has frequent updates which make AdminTools even better.
I am very happy I discovered AdminTools Professional. Do yourself a favor. Get it!!
Reviews: 1
Great extension, great support. Runs on our 30 Joomla! installations.
Prevents you from hackers and provides the most important security features for a Joomla! installation..
Reviews: 2
I switched over from another security tool to this one. What a marvelous piece of software this is. Thank you Nick ! As always: great product, great support !!!
Reviews: 5
I would rate 6 if available. This component made me sleep well :)
Reviews: 1
Great Software, great service. I have used others like OSE and this one is the simplest to use and set up. I bought the essentials and had everything running, protected and backed up on a few sites in no time. I would recommend this software to anyone who has to manage and protect Joomla sites.
Reviews: 1
This extension helps me very much in protecting websites for 3 months already. There is a detailed documentation in English. The support is quick and excellent too (I had 2 questions and got answers during several hours). The websites, that I support, are on different Joomla versions (1.5, 2.5). There is still a possibility to download AdminTools for Joomla 1.5 and that is very helpful. During the time of use I had more, than ten attacks at my websites and they are still OK (touch wood).
Reviews: 1
First of all I must say it's highly worth the money.
My website is under constant attack and so far I could just cross my fingers and hope for the best.
With admin tools I'm stress free.
I can see where it comes from, block the country, the ip range or the ip.
I also had to deal with the support 2 or 3 times and they were very professional : very fast and they could help.
At first you might be surprised by the amount of options you have.
But it's not a problem as the documentation is one of the most complete I have ever read.
I am one of the most demanding person and I'm very satisfied with this extension.
Reviews: 10
Nicholas! Thank you for this component and Akeeba Backup as well. You are so good at what you do - I love your work. Thanks for helping me help my clients and for making Joomla look so good. If I could give this 100 stars I would. Anyone wondering if they should invest in this? Don't waffle... just do it - you won't regret it.
Reviews: 5
Either you hate it or love it but you certainly can't afford to loose it. This component is my life savior, Six of my clients' Websites were cruelly hacked beyond repair and the suffering was unbearable until i found this. My life is so much peaceful having this component installed on all my sites. The double layer protection makes it hard for hackers and spammers to take control of your site.

You just can't afford not to use it. Besides being a reasonably priced component and allowed for multi installation, this one is simply the best of the rest. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I stumbled on Admin Tools one fine day, and it was the best "stumble" i ever had! Its the most PERFECT, EXCELLENT, SIMPLY FANTASTIC tool for a joomla site! I got hacked before Admin Tools, and that was the trigger in finding it. Am i GLAD i did! Please do yourself a favour and invest in Admin Tools, you won't regret it.

And the support is simple fabulous. Nicholas does not take support questions lightly. He's persistent with a support request and endevours to solve your problems.

I'm extremely happy with Admin Tools. Now i'm trying out Akeeba Backup Pro. So far....its Fantastic!! Duh!
Reviews: 8
This is an amazing extension, please do yourself a favor and use it on your site. Highly tweakable and really powerful.
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