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From the makers of Akeeba Backup Core/Professional and Admin Tools Core, this is the enhanced release of Admin Tools, available on a subscription basis. On top of what Admin Tools Core already offers, Admin Tools Professional has these exclusive features:
- Restrict administrator with a secret URL parameter
- Web Application Firewall to block common exploits (SQL injection, XSS, DFI, RFI, malicious user agent, CSRF/spam-bot protection, uploads scanner)
- Bad word filtering
- IP Whitelisting for the administrator section
- IP Blacklisting
- Geographic block (deny access to specific countries/continents)
- Modification of Generator meta tag and other sensitive HTTP headers
- Email on administrator login
- Block front-end Super Administrator log-in
- Block Super Administrator user modification
- Block extensions installation
- Block visual fingerprinting (tmpl, template and tp URL parameters)
- Integration of the Bad Behavior anti-spam library
- Project Honeypot IP blacklist integration
- Automatic IP blocking of repeat offenders
- Email notifications of all detected security issues
- URL redirections (exclusive support for query parameters!)
- Scheduled site maintenance operations

The software is GPL; buying a single subscription you can install it on as many sites as you want and keep it running even after your subscription expires, without encrypted code, domain limitations or other such nuisances.

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Reviews: 1
Thumbs Up! Excellent support/help!
Excellent product!
Reviews: 2
Excellent, must have extension.
Since I installed it, I cought and prevented several attacks on my website.
I never thought before that there are so many bad IPs whant to harm my website, now I have automated protection and detailed insights in every security exceptions that occurs on my website.
If you have access to your raw log file on your web server, than you can track all bad activities.
It became fun, tracking and blocking of bad IP-s, and report them to projecthoneypot to help others.
Every recommendations from me and my team.
Reviews: 6
especially if you want to care for the content of your site and not for technical matters. It shows and solves many problems. It works perfect with p8pbb-bridge. Thanks for this great tool! I also use akeeba backup, because it does a very good work too!
Reviews: 9
I've been using Admin Tools Pro for over a year and has always been very satisfied with it. It does what is advertise. It's updated frequently with bug fix and improvements which is reassuring as a client. I know the developers are maintaining this extension (and their others BTW) very well, seriously and consciously.

It is also an added value to the service i provide to my clients. Making them also happy to know additional security is added to their websites.

I started with the free version, but was so happy, that it took me only 2 seconds to think whether i should get the pro version or not.

I've never been disappointed. The support is excellent and fast. And i never had some stupid answers you can get by other paid extension support because they don't read your question or other answer properly or stupid/irrelevant answers to buy time. With the Akeeba team i get a working answer all the time.

85 euros for Admin Tool Pro and Akeeba Backup Pro plus high priority and private ticket support; is nothing. If you think about it. For any web developer (newbie or agencies) that cost is absorbed by only one (yes 1) contract. But you get to install these Pro extension on as many sites as you want.

All in all, i strongly recommend this extensions and their other ones. For me they became part of my default install with JCE when i start a joomla website.
Reviews: 4
That to use it for:
- to generate the .htaccess that optimizes and secures the operation of a site without writing virtually any line of code.
- To combine the .js and .css and today I just beat all records of page load time with with less than 20 requests in 5 - 10 seconds measured by Firebug and a score of 90-95 which is A in YSlow.
- To clean the sessions, repair the database, create a password for the administrator directory... and many other things. Admin Tools performs these tasks that before were simply tedious and time required a lot of research and several components and plugins to use.

Note: Up until now on the same test site with different competitor components and plugins I had trouble getting better than 40 requests, 12 seconds of load time and a score of 80 in YSlow. (I have a low level ADSL 512 Kb to 1 Mb)

I would have not gotten these speed scores of my site without quality Akeeba documentation and the advice which Nicholas gives for Admin Tools Pro and other products that I use (Akeeba Subscriptions, Akeeba Release System and Akeeba Backup).

The forms of technical support are very profitable for a webmaster like me who developed his own websites with the great Joomla CMS without being a pro PHP programmer.

5 stars or more, at least!

Akeeba more products are already available for Joomla 3.0

Nicholas, good luck for this excellent work.

Reviews: 12
We do run a flourishing Joomla 2.5 community. I was looking for an extension that was able to automatically optimise the session tables. This was the first contact with “Admin Tools”. After bombarding Nicholas with mails full of presales questions and receiving speedy and very useful replies I decided to purchase Admin Tools Pro. I was amazed by the great coding, the features the Tool offers and the awesome documentation. Actually it made me remove a competitor’s security solution and I changed over to Admin Tools completely. The site speed went up and thanks to Nicholas I was able to remove a problem that I did not even knew I had. One strange error that I was not able to track down to the competitor’s solution went away thanks to Nicholas!
Technically the extension is fantastic!
Support is great and Nicholas does more than one can expect!
We also used Akeeba Backup, which saved us many times. And just to say thank you we went professional there too.
Thanks to Nicholas and the other great developers the Joomla world is definitely a wonderful place!
Reviews: 9
Admin tools and Admin tools Pro... A must have for any joomla website. Beautifully written, updated all the time, and an amazing tool that has help me many times. Pay Nicholas every cent for this and every other product, it is worth 10 times the price he charges for it. Admin Tools and Akeeba Backup are the first two Add-ons I install on EVERY site i build.
Reviews: 5
I purchased the deluxe setup which includes the backup tool, so this review includes both. These are the first two extensions that go into every site I build.

If nothing you should get the product for the unbelievable support you get from Nicholas. In addition there is a knowledge base you can use to try and find the answer to a possible problem.

As far as the extension goes, it has some really cool options especially in the WAF.
Of course, I went over the top in my setup (that is what I do) on that and promptly locked myself out of the site. No problem, I went to the knowledge base and immediately new how to fix the situation.

The builder of htaccess files is awesome, link to Bad Behavior use(search for Bad Behavior extensions, they were pulled from this site a couple of years ago because of a code issue with core Joomla! This software is running just fine), Honeypot implementation and more. You can black or whitelist specific ip addresses, as well as lock out entire country ips. You can plan for what to do if there are security exceptions; ban them after a certain number of tries, email you when it happens, and so on. Go ahead and google this extension to see what you find. I would be hard pressed to find something negative about it.

Don't be stupid, just buy it. I just wish all commercial extension people stood behind their product like Nicholas does.
Reviews: 15
There's no such thing as perfect security for anything on the internet, but if you've had problems with your site being hacked, this is an absolutely essential tool to help you secure your site. Nick is very knowledgeable, and also very generous with his time and replies if you buy the supported version -- but even the core version is an absolute must-have. I can't run any kind of secure site without this program; it's an absolute GOD-SEND.
Reviews: 1
This is a must have extension. Very reasonable priced for the amount of features.
Security is a constant moving target but with this extension you can at least pinpoint most of the common issues.
Works out of the box and it should be in every site you build
Reviews: 38
I'm still having issues with one hosting company saying that my site isn't as safe as they think it could be but it's nice to know that with AdminTools Pro, it's better than the core system.
Reviews: 2
I recently had 8 sites hacked in a week (a couple of them more than once). This was frustrating, annoying and wasted lots of my time.

I read the reviews of Admin Tools Professional & decided to try it.

This is the best extension I have ever purchased. It is very reasonably priced, installed without any problems, was easy to configure and came with great support documentation.

I've had no more instances of hacking so far (hope this continues).

If you have a joomla site then you need this extension too.

Thank you ...
Reviews: 1
Everything I ever wanted from security component and more. Saves you a lot of time and headache.

Really great!
Reviews: 6
I will use only one word. FANTASTIC. It works like a charm and helps everyone to secure his Joomla site.
Reviews: 7
I have been using admin tools pro for about three months now. I am using it on my own site and now routinely install it on my client's sites.
It is extremely helpful. It allows you to do most of the important things to protect your Joomla site very easily. It is not a substitute for knowing what you are doing, and it is a really good idea to read the documentation - which thankfully is is quite thorough. But if you have a basic understanding of site security it is very useful indeed. I find the log format particularly helpful, you can see exactly attacks are taking place on your site.
I definitely recommend this extension.
Reviews: 4
I use it for a couple of years and after with Akeeba backup it is the second most valuable extention i have ever used ( i use the PRO version). Updates are very frequent and everything i tried works well.
Reviews: 9
Admin Tools are simply great. This component is the first installation on any of my Joomla sites. It can do a lot of work for you and it keeps your site safe. Upgrades are easy and support from guys is quick and valuable. Really a must have!
Reviews: 3
Last month I renewed my subscription for Admin Tools Pro and realised that this extension is really important to me. Why? Just because I don't feel safe without it and I do not have to worry about the security and protection of my website.
This extension has it all: htaccess-maker, Web Application Firewall, protection for spam, SQL injection, CSRF-shield etc., blocking options and even more.
You really need to read the documentation but trust me, it's worth the effort and you will understand this extension a lot better.
Support is without doubt the very best in the Joomla community, Nicholas is a great guy and gives you all the support you need and even more! Absolutely recommended!
Reviews: 2
Although I try to avoid commercial extensions for the mostly community sites I look after (it starts to get a bit expensive) a persistent hacking problem had me looking for something, and encouraged me to stump up the (modest) registration fee for this component. It was worth it for the web application firewall on its own, which appears to have defeated the hackers (although I can see they are still trying!). The other utilities are also useful. In particular, the PHP file change scanner gives me peace of mind that the malicious PHP files I had seen on previous hacks haven't returned.

I really need to put some effort into customizing the config, but it did appear to solve my initial problem straight "out of the box".
Reviews: 15
Admin Tools Pro is an awesome Joomla component of an awesome developer. It's very powerfull if you set it up correctly. The extra protection layer blocks lot's of hackers and minimize the chance of getting hacked (it's IMPOSSIBLE to secure a site 100%).

There are also some very handy tools included. I always use the .htaccess maker, which creates a detailed and good .htaccess file within minutes. Also the permission repair and database optimize functions are really handy. Just a couple of clicks and you're done.

Meanwhile the Admin Tools plugin does some automatic maintenance: session optimizer, cache cleaner, temp directory cleaner (improves security) and more. Keeping your site in good shape at these points.

It's advised to read the manual to get the most out of this component. Also don't just enable something if you don't understand it. For example some of my clients couldn't add Joomla users, because Admin Tools blocked it to improve security. Just turn the setting temporarily off and you're good to go.

Support is AWESOME and Nicholas often replies within minutes. Problems are most of the time solved within minutes or hours. To sum it up: Admin Tools Pro is a must-have extension, I wouldn't trust my site without it! Keep up the good work Nicholas!
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