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OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla! Component

*Note: Joomla 1.5 websites can only use version 3.X. OSE Anti-Hacker version 5 supports Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5 system only.

OSE Anti-Hacker Version 5.3.3 - 5.3.4
* New feature -- Added the confidence level parameter for Stop Forum Spam Anti-Spamming function

OSE Anti-Hacker Version 5.3.2 - 5.3.3
* New feature -- Added Stop Forum Spam Anti-Spamming function

The major technical features include:

* Double Firewall system providing Three Layers of protection:

o Layer 1: Signature-based Detection System - detecting most common hacking behaviours.
+ a) Surface Scanning, once hacking behaviour is found, the activity and corresponding IP will be banned immediately.
o Layer 2: Pattern-based Instruction Detection Systems - blocking all inbound malicious codes and hacking activities, including network-, application-, and operating system-level attacks.
+ b) Scans and monitors all URL, Form Fields, Cookies values.
+ c) If hacking is found and the Risk Score exceed the secure level, the IP will be banned immediately.
+ d) If Suspicious Hacking behaviour is found for Form Fields and Cookies hacking, the

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Reviews: 1
One of our sites got infected with Malware last week and we looked all over for a plug-in that could help us protect our websites. Luckily we stumbled upon this gem and purchased a copy of this component on Sunday and had it installed throughout our websites in a few hours.

Sent the developer several emails and they were extremely prompt in their replies. Fast, friendly and courteous.

The component comes with a plug-in that provides additional security and is much easier to activate the actual component through the plug-in settings.

The component has excellent blocking features from the dashboard with multiple levels of blocking and filtering. The options available are really excellent. They have a WIKI with detailed instructions on how to install, activate and test the component which made it very easy for us.

It's really no sweat and absolutely easy to install and setup.

The developers had our back all the way when we sent emails requesting some information, they got back to us very fast and this made us feel at ease.

We are extremely happy purchasing the security component and the level of service received. No doubt we will recommend them to all our partners who use Joomla CMS.

Best regards!
Happy Customer :D
Reviews: 4
Support was great. Thanks a million for a great product that delivers what it promises!
Reviews: 8
I would give this "excellent" but I had a couple of issues, things you should be aware of before buying.. they aren't horrible issues, but annoying ones.

First just let me say that the extension appears to be VERY effective at securing the web site.. It's blocked a few SQL injection attempts already.. with that said.

I'm running joomla 2.5.13 and OSE Anti-Hacker 5.3.4

1. When a hack is blocked, I get multiple copies of the notification.. the first comes to just me, the second goes to me and another admin, third goes to me and all of the admins and the fourth goes to all but one of the admins ( 4 total admins ) .. It notifies based on "Receives System Emails" user configuration. I would much rather have the recipients be manually configured personally.. but the multiple notifications is really annoying.

2. The IP Management screen doesn't work.. It acts like there's no entries when I try to add white listed addresses.. yet, they are in the database.. I'm not sure that the white list even works, I've not tried to test that yet.

We hoped to deploy this on several sites but if I get multiple notifications for every blocked hack on dozens of sites I'll be flooded.. also, not all of the admins need to be receiving this notification.. some are just interns that approve new user registrations for example.. so I seriously think having a recipient list in the OSE configuration would be better.

Once the notification issue is resolved I'll be happy =)
Owner's reply

Hi oneduality,
Thank you for your report. Please upgrade the component to version 6, the two issues have been resolved in version 6 already. Especially this one:

'I seriously think having a recipient list in the OSE configuration would be better.'

In version 6, please go to Configuration --> There is a section called Admin-Email Mapping, please enter that section and choose which user you wouldl like him / her to receive notifications.

Also, in this new version, the notification will be sent the first time the alert is triggered, and there is another email being sent when the attack is blocked, so the duplicated email notifications issue is resolved in version 6.

Hope this helps. :)
Best wishes
OSE Team

Reviews: 21
The time it takes to clean a hacked site can be expensive. This component and plugin is used on all my sites. I used the support once and they fixed my problem very quickly and took my over stressed concerns very seriously. Its amazing to see how many people try to hack sites and you can just sit back and watch them being blocked with this component. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I maintain quite a popular website. However, it was hacked from time to time. I had to mess with nasty files uploaded into it, with iFrame redirection and other bad stuff. Then I finally come up with three things:

1) Analyzed and cleaned my local copy of the website carefully, updated every single component, and got rid of not needed components.

2) Checked website security with which revealed two unnoticed security holes. I fixed everything afterwards.

3) Installed this component.

I'm not having any problems ever since. I don't know which of the three measures gave the best result (or maybe it's the combination of the three). However I'm quite happy with your component and will keep using it. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
I already use OSE Security Suite for some years. The product works fine and protects all my Joomla sites.
With the support of the OSE team I clould install OSE Security Suite on my server. Now every new Joomla site on the server is protected with a minimum of effort.
The only thing I would like is that the updates or new versions are more easy to install.
Reviews: 2
I purchased this product 3 days ago. I had to use the support straight away, because I had some problems with installing the software. I have to say, the support is amazing. I've never experienced this in my entire life. Fast, friendly and no "I guess it could be this, try this...." emails backwards and forwards, they really looked into the problem and solved it straight away.

I bought this product, because my web page got hacked. I'll post another review when I have more experience with the product itself.
Reviews: 4
My website was hacked due to vulnareable components. I removed the hacks myself, but didn't remove the vulnareable components. Bought and installed OSE-Anti-hacker. Then I received lot's of OSE hacker hack-attack-attempt warnings, but my website was not hacked again. Protected!

Now I removed vulnareable components, got my website cleared bij OSE and am happy again!
Reviews: 1
I'm compelled to write a review about how good the OSE! Support team is and their products.
I've installed OSE Anti-Hacker on my site, and had a few critical issues that were solved in no time (less than an hour) by the support team! They are not only incredibly fast, but also very efficient! Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
This is my first review, but this is the most brilliant component I've ever seen.

I used videos for the previous version to install and it was easy. Took less than 30 minutes to setup and test. I've had a few questions and someone ALWAYS gets back - fast. Having a security team at your fingertips is business critical. You could go and pay for a web-based scanner from a big corporate but SEO Security Suite is for the back end of Joomla, so to me it's tougher to crack, your own custom security locks. It's the last piece in the cost puzzle before we deploy our main site, and now I can sleep at night. I anticipate that OSE are one of those small companies now ... but they won't stay that way with quality work and service like they have. Buy this component.
Reviews: 5
This is definitely one of the "must have" Joomla extensions! A great program, that has become much better and user-friendlier since one year ago that I've started using it.

I have first installed it on a website that got hacked 3 times, and took the whole server down with it... But the very website is still running version 2 of this extension, with no further problems. Just reports of failed hacking attacks.

I do recommend this, especially because they have a great quick and effective support. Don't worry if you can't install the program, they REALLY help.
Reviews: 3
If you have ever had your site hacked then this product is the answer. I was dealing with hacking on two client sites. It was relentless. I tried several products and hackers kept getting through. The OSE Anti-hacker was the only one that stopped all hacking attempts cold so I could get back to developing the site and not spinning my wheels defending it from intrusions. It’s been over a year now since installing and although attempts to compromise the websites happen every day not one has succeeded. The technical support team at OSE is responsive and informative as well.
Reviews: 1
Right now I'm using this extension for a local government office to protect against crazies that want to hack gov sites. It's working perfectly, I love the dashboard which shows all the recent activity.

My php settings were blocking the install and I needed help, so I submitted a ticket to their support team, who responded INSTANTLY with the perfect answer to solve my problem. You can't ask for more than that.

In my opinion, quality protection software should not be free, I don't mind paying for peace of mind.
Reviews: 7
This extension put a stop a relentless string of hacker attacks on our site. Support was great as well. Thanks a million for a great product that delivers what it promises!
Reviews: 5
On the Internet, security is always a concern. For that reason, this extension is very important and necessary for any website alive on the net. Not only the OSE team present a good service for their costumers but only they have very friendly and good support and more than even they do more than their responsibility,
When i was new in Joomla, i did not care about security enough so my website hacked and i lost 6 months my time. After that, by help of OSE team i had not any problem until now.
Thanks again and do not give up.
Reviews: 1
Like many people I took a reactive approach to J! security after having my websites hacked.

I decided on this product after seeing the great reviews.

I have to say I've been extremely impressed with the customer service recieved.
I had some issues installing (my mistakes rather than the product), and Helix was quick to respond and help me sort out, going above and beyond what you'd expect.

The product is now running and doing its job. Well worth the money for the product and the superb service.
Reviews: 1
The name Open Source Excellence certainly lives up to its name. Once installed it is a dream to use and gives you the knowledge that your site, or sites, are secure. I actually chose the Security Suite, with the Anti Hacker and Anti Virus +++, worth every penny.

The ease with which you can extend this product to all of your websites sitting on the same server is brilliant.

The support from Open Source Excellence was incredible, as my needs were great! I was most definitely floundering, with where to add code and find certain files, and they picked me up brushed me down and sorted it all out for me so that I now have the very best security by the very best support giving me peace of mind regarding the security of my sites.

Having first hand experience recently of the devastation caused by hackers with a website - not my own - being held on another server - which I help maintain - I wanted to make sure my server and the sites on it were very secure.

A very professional product from a very professional team and a great big thanks from me!
Reviews: 5
I have absolutely no problem to highly suggest anybody interested in security features on Joomla to choose this extension.

Their support team is definitely one of the best around here and even if I had issues with non-OSE features, they were opened to help. The little extra step made me feel very comfortable dealing with them. Congratulations!
Reviews: 11
If anyone is looking for security that works, look no further.

I have been using OSE on all my sites for the past year and the support is excellent.
Reviews: 3
I don't think I have ever had such excellent customer service. I was having a hard time installing and, to be honest, understanding, how to configure this software. They logged into my account and helped me install what I was having trouble with, looked over my files, whitelisted some alerts for me and just spiffed everything up. I had offered to pay when I asked them to do this this, so they clearly had the opportunity to charge me, but they did not. I am very pleased with this system and I am very pleased with this company!
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