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OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla! Component

*Note: Joomla 1.5 websites can only use version 3.X. OSE Anti-Hacker version 5 supports Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5 system only.

OSE Anti-Hacker Version 5.3.3 - 5.3.4
* New feature -- Added the confidence level parameter for Stop Forum Spam Anti-Spamming function

OSE Anti-Hacker Version 5.3.2 - 5.3.3
* New feature -- Added Stop Forum Spam Anti-Spamming function

The major technical features include:

* Double Firewall system providing Three Layers of protection:

o Layer 1: Signature-based Detection System - detecting most common hacking behaviours.
+ a) Surface Scanning, once hacking behaviour is found, the activity and corresponding IP will be banned immediately.
o Layer 2: Pattern-based Instruction Detection Systems - blocking all inbound malicious codes and hacking activities, including network-, application-, and operating system-level attacks.
+ b) Scans and monitors all URL, Form Fields, Cookies values.
+ c) If hacking is found and the Risk Score exceed the secure level, the IP will be banned immediately.
+ d) If Suspicious Hacking behaviour is found for Form Fields and Cookies hacking, the

Report Extension




Reviews: 1
Great Support, worked with me on my configuration that wasn't cooperating. They stayed right with the support until it was running great. It snagged the first attack within 30 minutes of being installed.
Reviews: 3
I got great support from OSE support desk. It is well documented and powerfull peace of software. Great work. You really deserve your name - excellence.
Reviews: 13
As many others I had my site hacked three times before I decided to install this software. Along with GuardXT this software provides excellent security and is a Bargain for what it does. I get several e-mails a day detailing the exploits and advising the IP's banned. I noticed a lot of hack attempts using sectionEx so I have uninstalled just in case. Without this software I am sure my site would be a mess and with over a 1000 articles I do not want to start again.
Recommended *****
Reviews: 2
I am very happy with this product. I manage a number of web sites in Australia but had the misfortune for the biggest one to be hacked while I was overseas for three months. Not only that, but after days to fix it up and take preventative measures, it was hacked again a month later. That time, I had to fix it using a mobile phone internet connection. S

o, I installed this product also over the mobile phone connection!). I had some initial difficulties with payment on the site but these were addressed in real time (during his night) by Helix. Very impressive!

There have been plenty of hacking attempts since but nothing even approaching success, so I am very pleased. In future, my travels will be a lot more trouble free and I will sleep better at nights as a result of the Anti Hacker product.

Well done and thank you

After sale questions have also been promptly addresses so the support does not stop after you buy it.

Highly recommended,

Reviews: 6
After being inundated by attacks on 3 different sites, I purchased PHP Antihacker and after a little time sorting out the installation & setup, I had it working.
Now all I get is reports of attempted hacking but no actual intrusions .... I love it
Reviews: 1
I did it the wrong wat around, looked for something like this after a site hack. It is simple to install, very comprehensive and very easy to set up. I feel very comfortable now that I have the best protection I could have for my Joomla site.

five stars!!
Reviews: 1
I usually rarely recommend anything to anyone but this software really freed me of a lot of frustration and meant that hours of work was saved.
I recommend this software 100%, their customer service is outstanding, very reliabled and quickly on the case. For that - what price tag can you put on it, this is the ultimate in value for money.
Jose Nunes.
Reviews: 6
I installed this product and configured it in less than an hour - that included reading the instructions and then putting my own mistakes right!

I had a client site that had been hacked and I thought I had replaced all the Joomla files and cleaned all remaining files. The virus checker found two files I had missed. I was impressed.

A couple of points to consider - when some of the checkers are running the only indicator is the browser tab showing 'loading' so it would be easy to think nothing was happening. A more visual warning that the system was carrying out the task would be better.

The £79 price tag is good value for money. It would save me more than that in time wasted just checking files for one hacked site!

Great stuff guys.
Reviews: 7
I always had at least 1 hacking trouble per month prior to installing this OSE anti hacker suite. Since november, last year that I installed it, I've been busy working and devoloping my site without having to worry about hacking, backup and the nightmares that comes with hacking.

Now, I think the group at OSE deserve a great commendation because their tool does what it promises to do. I must thank Shawn who accessed my site and helped configure the tool right to make it work. The only think I notice is that the signature updating isn't quite intuitive for non-savvy users of Joomla. But then, I could be wrong
Reviews: 3
Great software, well worth the money. I had multiple sites with Iframe injection - this software helped to clear them. When there were any issues the support was quick and effective. I install this on every site - money well spent...
Reviews: 1
I'm running multiple joomla sites, and with this software, and the AMAZING support from Helix, you will be amazed how well it works. I am still much a noob to joomla, but with the documentation, and their timely support, you will have a very secure site once setup. Seeing how well it works gives you a real peace of mind for all the hard work we do on our sites. 5 STARS
Reviews: 1
I just downloaded the latest version PHP Anti-Hacker Component and it works like a dream. I like the new PDF install document, easy to follow and understand. I have 3 site using this software and it is a life saver. Thanks for your hard word and excellent software.
Reviews: 1
These guys offer the best customer service i've ever come across, period.

After being hacked several times we were thrown into the deep end of joomla site security and forced up a very steep learning curve.

We looked into each and every joomla security extension and settled on the Anti-hacker system, so far - we are very happy with that. Its a reassuringly complex piece of software that offers many different levels of security so you can refine it to your particular needs.

Initially, it wasn't trouble free setting up, however - the support team were very quick to respond and helped us through the entire set up and configuration process. They are also continuing they efforts to help us by looking into a conflict with another 3rd party component.

We particuly like the fact you can install the joomla version either on a shared server to protect many sites in one go or on as many sites as you like and set the security level accordingly for each site, a handy feature if you have different sites requiring different levels of protection.
Reviews: 1
Imagine reviewing your files on your web server, just to find that there are hundreds of .php files infected. Then comes the task of cleaning them up, usually ending up in a fresh installation, and spending hours configuring everything again, just to get hacked again.

This is what happened to me. I manage several joomla sites, and when I started getting some hits from my antivirus about infected webpages, I realized I had a problem. This was two weeks ago. I spend about 5 days dealing with it, and within hours all the files were reinfected. So I started searching for a good solution, and I found OSE. Did some reading but the materials online do not really pay tribute to the usefulness and quality of this product. So I jumped into the wagon, and what a ride!

First, the product is designed to be a watchdog of your website (the suite one)and it does exactly what it is supposed to do.
Installation was uneventful, except for a couple of issues which were quickly resolved by OSE tech support. Then the real fun began.

The anti-hacker component works nice and quietly. Your website will look just the same, but whomever wants to play funky URL's will get blocked at once. It can be fine tuned to avoid blocking everyone (yes, it can be VERY aggressive), and for the most part is simple and effective to use. It hooks up to to keep spammers from pestering your site.

The anti-virus is a lil bit tricky to use, but once it is set, it will be of great assistance and will detect a great deal of problematic files.

OSE's suite is really worth every penny. Today I am still closely monitoring my sites, because once you have been hacked, it seems you're listed on the hacker's yellow pages and everyone wants a piece of your server. So yes, I am still getting hits, but they are being banned, and I foresee a big decrease as they realize I'm OSE-protected.

Nevertheless, and regardless of this being an awesome product, keep in mind that a safe site is an ongoing process. I have blocked a few countries via .htaccess, and I also have installed a little nice component that audit my file system periodically via cron.

However, I feel much safer than I did before. If you're a casual joomla user, I would strongly suggest you take a look at this component, because it will definitely pay itself many times along the way.

And if you become an OSE customer, I encourage you to contribute with your findings. The AV didn't pick up a couple of pests which I detected manually, and I'm submitting them to OSE so they will be included in the next signature update.

So far, this component has made me smile a bunch of times a day when an email hits my mobile reading:

[] Suspicious Exploit Alert
A suspicious injection exploit attempt was logged on 2010-01-19 15:33:43

IP Address: 208.x.x.x
URL: http://xxxxxxx
Referrer (if any): http://xxxxxx
Query String: Request.currentURI=xxxxxx

Violation: Layer 2 Protection [Violation of Rules: 15]


Thanks OSE team!
Reviews: 1
great extension! thanks to the developer
Reviews: 2
I have bought the Standalone-version to protect several sites on a vserver which is managed by plesk.
To keep it short:
People who know the complexity of a website and its background-processes will –of course- also be able to realize that it will be difficult to implement anti-hacking tools seamlessly into the existing server-structure without manual-investigation on the server itself. But the company is dealing in a very very professional way with this issue. They’re giving excellent support during the installation and setup-process. Helix is doing a really good job – seems to be working around the clock. He is always friendly until the very last question is answered. I have learned a lot about rights-management and http-includes.:)
The software is now doing what it is supposed to do: It protects my websites from attacks. Thank You!! From now on this will become standard on all my future installations.
Reviews: 8
After we were hacked on a Joomla site we felt compelled to have a look at Anti-Hacking devices. We decided for this one - especially as it supports the opensource approach, but also for the impressive features!

Installation was somewhat more complex than we are used to - at least on our setup. But the developper gave us outstanding support until the installation worked (way beyond the value of the price of the software!)

Now we can see, how often hackers are attacking our sites.... frightening, yet we are pretty sure the IP locking mechanism works very well :)

Furthermore we are made aware of any potential weaknesses in components we use by displaying warning messages. This is helpful, though at times cumbersome. However, even here the developper has been very helpful indeed in explaining in understandable terms what is going on and how to resolve issues.

So we learned.... making a website safer is more complex than we ever imagined - but got outstanding support in the process and a highly recommendable piece of software at a *very* reasonable price.
Reviews: 1
We've been in business with Joomla for 5 years now, testing and buying commercial extensions most of the time, looking for robust performance and reliability and this is the first time that we came across not only with an exceptional product but with the most great customer experience so far!
Indeed! As customers we encountered a coherent and solid developed extension and a enthusiastic team behind ready to support and help with commitment!
We are looking forward to this engaging company's products, services, and customer support model. We'll promote them without hesitation on our fellow Adobe User Groups around the world.
Kudos to all the team!
Adobe Community Expert
Adobe User Group Manager
Reviews: 1
My website is hit by the iframe virus. After that, I purchased and installed the Anti-Hacker Software. At first, I felt the proper installation and usage of the component is not straightforward, however the developer is very helpful. She guides me to install the software and how to use the component.

So far, the software has helped to prevent virus attack on my website.

Thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
I was at my wit's end until I encountered this software. It's very reasonably priced, super easy to install, even for someone who is somewhat of a Joomla! beginner. And, the support is excellent. I highly recommend this product.
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