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OSE Anti-Virus™ for Joomla! Component

Licence: GPL V2, you can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

* After you buy the software, you can use it FOREVER (INDEFINITELY)
* You can download all upgrades within 1 year.
* You can receive our support within 1 year.

OSE Anti-Virus Version 5.3.0 - 5.3.1
* New Feature -- Added a separate scanning function for ClamAV scanning function.

Product Descriptions:

An Ajax powered Anti-Virus Joomla component that helps you to scan malicious codes in the files on your server.

1. After you buy the software, you can use it FOREVER (INDEFINITELY). You can download all upgrades within 1 year. You can receive our support within 1 year.

2. Scans web virus (e.g. hacking codes, shell codes, iframe injections) in PHP, HTML, Javascripts, Text files, etc. on your server, specifically, professional in scanning and codes.

3. If and is found, it will give options to remove the codes automatically if your server allows write access to the files.

4. Not only scans files in the Joomla system, but also scans files of other system that are installed in the same server.

5. You can customize the web virus definitions to improve the detecting power of the tool!

Technical features:
1. The component is an open source software. You can add your own virus definition codes to the kernel to fit your requests and improve the scanning power.

2. This software can scan various web viruses on your server and supports most of the types of files on the server including PHP, HTML, Javascripts, etc. You can easily configure which types of files to scan under settings. In addition, The component is installed under the Joomla! system, while it’s competent to scan all files on the server even under the different systems.

3. The scanning and cleaning which is a two-step process is convenient and controllable. After the scanning process, the software will provide a list including all suspicious files and the type of the malicious codes. You can opt to clean some or all of the altered files from the list and it will provide a final report for the cleaning result. The malicious codes will be striped and sanitized and it won’t impact the normal running of your websites.

4. One-click restore function. The software will store the original files in a quarantine folder after cleaning the malicious codes for the need of restore. If you believe the Anti-Virus reports some false positives, you can easily restore the files b

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Reviews: 1
OSE antivirus extension saved my website from a link injection issue, plus it found many other virus threats that I didn't know of as well. If you want your joomla website to be clean this extension is a must have. Another important factor is that their support is amazing, I've got my issue fixed in a blink of an eye.

thank you,
Richard C.
Reviews: 3
The OSE Anti Virus is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a proper anti virus program for Joomla (and everyone using Joomla should have the highest interest in avoiding infections on the site). I am truly grateful both for the extension, and for the amazing support provided by the OSE team.
Reviews: 5
The support is very very excellent. I had some issues in the installation and they did it for me, even in Sunday!!! Thanks very much I really feel safe with OSE antivirus and above all with the team behind him. I found 1 virus in my website, and I'm going to kill him.
Reviews: 3
To say that you need this software doesn't do it or the developers justice. Of course there is NO perfect protection but this goes a long way towards a solution. The levels of service this team give is a really pleasant surprise as well.....just stunning.
Reviews: 5
I had a malware hack (trojan virus) that put my site on Google's blacklist. I was unable to remove all of the infected files and turned to OSE Antivirus for the solution. The virus infected the OSE installation, but the OSE support people were QUICK and PROFESSIONAL and not only got the product working, but cleaned all of my files. They gave some recommendations to improve site security as well. Now the site is clean and secure and the OSE Antivirus is working properly.
Reviews: 1
An infected site is a nightmare. Mannualy cleaning hundred of files is just impossible. OSE AntiVirus is powerful and can detect code injection, base64, viruses and so on. More, it can clean infected files automatically or put them in quarantine if necessary. But, more, the team is available for helping during the process... even on sunday.
A must have for anyone
Reviews: 2
Can't say enough for their services. I made a mistake in purchase - got the refund in less than 12 hours. Turn-around time for any ticket was 2-4 hours. They assisted me through each step of the way. Turned out my server was infected, which was infecting the folder in which my Joomla! was installed. I am very grateful and recommend them to anybody. Thanks OSE!
Reviews: 1
I had 16 sites infected, I spent 2 days downloading everithing and scanning on local without results. They I opened a ticket on OSE support and in the same day OSE scanned the server until they found the malware and remove it. And this happened on sunday!
Reviews: 1
Have never written review before.

Site was locked down from webhosting company due to various infections. OSE ftp'd all of my files offsite scanned and and helped me get back up and running. Would highly recommend.

Thanks a lot great service ;-)

Reviews: 1
I just wanted to post here my experience with OSE Team, First of all I had a malware problem on my site and wanted to get rid of it, so I posted a support ticket and they spent the last 3 days cleaning my whole site and making sure that I am happy and that the site is up and running. Their support team is one of the best out there in the market, their software is easy to use, they care about their customers and not like other companies. I really do recommend everyone who need an antivirus software for their server to go with OSE as honestly you get more then you pay. I am really glad to be their client.
Reviews: 13
I bought this extension plus the plugin, and didn't configure them correctly. Emailed the developers and received a reply pretty much straight away, and they offered to fix MY mistake for me. How kind :)

If you have any suspicious hapenings with your site, this extension gives you peace of mind, and you know you will get great customer service if you need any help.
Reviews: 1
First, I bought the wrong extension - and the guys at OSE switched my account to the right one immediately. After that, I had some problems due to strange server settings. THe OSE team took down the zipped copy of the site and went though it - and fixed all. They also did other tests and cleaning. This was a experience of service I don't have often. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
Does this extension have Updates
Reviews: 5
My website was infected by ******
The hacker uploaded many files on my server.
After one scan, OSE Anti-Virus has found all this files so I can delete them.
Reviews: 14
As so many others I've been hacked in the past and learned the necessity of securing any site the hard way. So I had great hopes when I found this extension - and I must say that its performance exceeded my expectations. It absolutely does what it claims and it is easy to install and configure. Most of all, the support given by the OSE gang is fantastic! Keep up the fabulous work!
Reviews: 2
My website was infected with a very large numbers of "scripts". Due to this great program and support everything is back to normal in a small amount of time!! I can recommend this to ALL Joomla users !!!
"They are Professionals"!
Reviews: 1
My web site was hacked and all of my pages were inserted some strange javascripts. Found this component and it detects the strange codes and removes them. I had some questions and asked the support desk and they replied quickly. Well done and keep up the good component and good support!!
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best and effective Anti-Virus protection for your site. It scans and detects virus fast and also have the most easy to use interface. I love it!! Great product and great support team!
Reviews: 11
I am surprised to see no more reviews than this for such a powerful tool. Not only does this tool do a fantastic job of opening up your eyes to the issues that you cannot see on your site.

The support I have received is nothing short of Awesome! If you need help in any way, Opensource-excellence really does live up to their name!
Reviews: 3
This is the only virus scanner for Joomla! It works excellent and the ability to browse quickly individual folders (custom scan) for viruses is very helpful in practice. Who would like to pursue a truly secure web page doesn't come around an online scanner. The best was the really good support on the issues and the very easy installation. These people understand their work.