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RSFirewall! is the most advanced Joomla! security extension that you can use to protect your Joomla! website from intrusions and hacker attacks. It's backed up by a team of experts that are trained to be always up to date with the latest known vulnerabilities, security updates making RSFirewall! the best choice in keeping your website safe.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Backend Password - Add an extra layer of security by typing in a password before logging in the administration!
» Blacklist - Block unwanted (single or multiple using wildcards *.*.*.*, CIDR notation and ranges) IP addresses.
» IPv6 support
» Whitelist - Bypass protections for selected IPs.
» Stop brute-force login attempts - Capture login attempts (as well as incorrect passwords).
» Malware database - Detects obfuscated, encoded as well as potentially dangerous files (eg. base64_encode, eval, gzinflate, preg_replace /e)
» Automatically drop dangerous files when they're uploaded - such as .php, .js, .exe, .com, .bat, .cmd
» Disable the creation of new Administrators
» Protects selected Administrators from any changes - including password change!
» Log all security events and send messages to specified email address(es)
» Powerful exception system - Disable protections based on User Agent, URL or component (regular expressions allowed).
» Database Check - Optimize & repair your database tables.
» Display CAPTCHA in the administration section after a predefined number of failed login attempts.

Active Protections
» Country blocking - Allows you to select which countries have access to your Joomla! website (also blocks anonymous proxies). Based on GeoIP Lite Country database.
» Local file inclusion (LFI)
» Remote file inclusion (RFI)
» SQL injection (SQLi)
» HTML, Javascript and CSS filtering (XSS)
» Denial of Service (DoS) - Block unwanted User Agents
» Automatic blacklist
» Actively scans POST and GET variables.
» Keeps an eye on sensitive Joomla! files and alerts you if they are changed.

System Check
» Check for the latest Joomla! & RSFirewall! versions.
» Provides suggestions on how to tighten your PHP & Joomla! configuration.
» Scan Joomla! core files for integrity.
» Scan files and folders for common permission errors.
» Scan files for common malware.

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Reviews: 11
This is an amazing extension.
I had several hackings lately, and I had to move to a new host, and wanted something that will keep an eye on my site, and I was blessed to find RS Firewall.
It even notifies me when any admin logs in, and from what IP address.
The only thing I wish was that it allows me to prevent certain admins from accessing certain components. Because what it does currently that if you prevent access to a certain component, ypu prevent it from all including yourself, which is impractical.

But all in all, this component is a must-have.
Reviews: 1
I had been looking for some kind of protection-system for one our istitution's sites for quite a while, when I finally found RSFirewall on

After having (very easily!) installed RSFirewall, it really worked from the first minute on. It gave hints what to change in the configuration to make the site more secure. And it really protected the site against all kinds of hacking trials I encountered in the following weeks.

And what is more the support is excellent. Really the best support team I ever dealt with.

Yes, it costs some money. But you get a high quality product and an outstanding service for it.

Many thanks to all the very nice, very professional people at RSJoomla.

So all in all I reccomend RSFirewall to everybody being responsible for a JOOMLA! driven InterNet-site.
Reviews: 2
The best component for protection Joomla of a site
Reviews: 1
My previous website was hacked to a point of no return and that was not going to happen this time.

I stumbled across this while cruising the extensions directory and decided to give it a try. So far, fantastic! I think I have fixed 20 different things which if not fixed would have for sure lead to my site being hacked again.

I cannot recommend this enough. If you run a web site you need this... period. Sure, a tad on the expensive side but I have a 120 hours into my new site so honestly, to protect that kind of time and investment I felt 65.00 was a steal!!!

It works, I'm happy, and as secure as I can be.

Love it!
Reviews: 1
Great component! The support team is the best i have had to deal with. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 3
RSFirewall is a MUST HAVE for all Joomla websites. The active scanner is essential for blocking malicious attacks and for the overall security of your site.

In 2007 I started out with buying RSFiles from RSJoomla. I loved that component. Since 2007 I have purchased almost every single RSJoomla product (RSMembership, RSTickets, RSSEO, RSFirewall) and I use most of them on all 5 websites I have. They all have the same great service and quality coding.

The developers are generally quick to respond and they are always open to suggestions and incorporate new features you suggest in their new versions.

Yes the price is more than some Joomla components, but you are getting excellent support and quality products. And they have the developer payment option of course. I don't mind paying for that at all.
Reviews: 4
I purchase this only because I thought my site was protected with all the FREE security protection and making some changes that's recommended by Joomla. It wasn't until I tried to backup my site and restore it is when I had someone point out that my define.php file was hacked. After finding out about RSJOOMLA I watched the youtube videos and I was sold. it showed me how unprotected the site really was. It gave recommendations on what to change, If you don't know how it points you to there help file on the exact thing you need to do. I had 1 particular problem and the Tech support helped me from start to finish. What I also like is the fact that you can block uses from the backend, lockdown your com_install and you can have the software scan your files like your define.php for any changes, it will then email you when something has been changed.

I've bought several components, but this is my FIRST time feeling that they deserve to have me write something about them. I will also have my other site clients purchase this for their sites also.
Reviews: 2
RSFirewall is a very good component. It has a lot of security features and provides a solid protection with extended logging. The support is great, fast responses and professional help. This is a real must-have for everyone running a Joomla site.
Reviews: 1
As a many-time satisfied user of RSForm Pro! I was swayed towards RSFirewall ! when looking for a product to secure my websites and, 3 days in, I'm left with a warm cosy feeling of security that a good security product ought to give. Support thus far has been excellent and I'm confident that my sites, if not 100% secure (is anything ever?), are more secure now than 99% of other websites out there - and that ought to be enough to put of anyone looking for an easy kill.

Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
I am not a security expert so I can't really tell how effective the protection is.

However the extension does what it says and seems to protect my clients pages from various threats! At least it gives me good feeling that I don't leave my sites out there without any protection.
Reviews: 2
One of my sites got hacked...and I knew I needed something better to protect my Joomla installations.

I bought RS Firewall now I know what is going on and see that there have actually been many attacks on several of my sites. With RS Firewall, they don't get in anymore.

Only feature I would like to see if block or allow certain countries. All my attacks seem to be coming from certain countries that I would like to block. 5 stars. Thanks for your great work.
Reviews: 1
After been hacked and losing a lot of clients on my web hosting server, I had to find something to help stop the inconvenience and time wasting. My frustration off not really understanding security with databases or having the time to invest in these areas until I fund this module!

After sending a large number of emails requesting information too better educated myself in how to lockdown Joomla, too my surprise I keep getting emails back until I was convent in this product – this was done even though I did not have a full license of the product.

Although this module is not cheap (AU) its still cheaper then the time I had to invest in rebuilding clients relationships, trusts and the cost of time lost due to malicious scripts.
Reviews: 3
Needed a serious solution for our corporate website, and I didn't trust my limited anti-hacking skills. RS Firewall was the smart solution! Though I haven't had it for long, I can breath a sign of relief knowing that it is working. Excellent system scan function does most things automatically but gives you step-by-step for other "errors". Lockdown feature is cool as is Email reporting for suspicious behavior. Hard to believe we'll have any problems in the future. Thanks for a great program. Only complaint is hardcore price tag, even for a commercial application.
Reviews: 1
Our site was hacked and re-hacked despite close attention to the joomla security checklist. Rsjoomla gave a free evaluation before we purchased their product (RSFirewall) and their service. The assistance was speedy and helpful. I have found the advice invaluable. RSFirewall was installed as part of the service and it is an extension I will be installing on all future sites.
Many thanks RSJoomla.
Reviews: 12
Great Extension!
Great customer supports every time and Joomla Fire Wall! Is like all their other products very high quality and very powerful
Reviews: 1
I can recommend RSFirewall to everybody!
very good component
very very good support.
all joomla website shoud have it!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install.
Best support I have experienced with any Joomla Extension.
I went through the standard checklist. RSFirewall showed me I had not done the best job. Fixed 90% of my issues itself, the other issues it gave instructions on how to fix.

If you have ever have been hacked...this is for you.
If you haven't this is for you for peace of mind to make sure you have your bases covered.
Reviews: 11
I think almost everyone said it all. Agreed, best one I have used yet.
Reviews: 5
I can recommend this tool to everybody!
Not only because the tool is great, but also the support.

Just GREAT !

Thanks rsTeam!
Reviews: 3
Great "must have" component!

Great way to solve security issues.
Scan is great, you can se the Joomla core files that have been change and se the security issues.
Backend "lock" so only your IP or who you deside, should have access to the backend.
Master backend password protected.
Technical support in top and they resolve problems very fast.
It is very friendly, with documentation explanation on what you need to do.

And so on.... it is really a great component.

Thank you for a GREAT working component and support!

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