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"R Antispam" is the only Joomla antispam extension for forums (Kunena, NinjaBoard and ccBoard) that uses a Bayesian algorithm. This means that spam recognition is improved over time.
It can be adapted to prevent spam in other extensions.
It works better if integrated with Akismet. You can get an akismet key at And if you think that you have to pay for a key, better look again and you will find that you can get it for free.
The extension adds a reference to the developer's site, but you can remove this in configuration.

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Reviews: 7
This is a great component, really does weed out the spammers. However, it has one massive drawback, it removes any link somebody posts on my forum, it doesn't seem to be able to differentiate between spammers and non-spammers. So basically if a genuine member tries to post a link from their photo bucket account, the software won't let them. I can go into the component and check them off as non-spam which obviously means their photos will appear. I can also add users to the white list which means they can post links. However I want people to be able to post a photo without them having to wait for it to appear. It also doesn't look good because they get a warning message which is basically accusing them of spamming. There needs to be a way of adding safe links such as photo bucket so that people can post these links without them being deemed spam. Other than that, it's a great component, but I've had to disable it for the time being which is a great shame because it works so well.. But it's basically working too well, if that's possible.
Owner's reply

Greetings, Ironside.
Thank you very much for your honest review. I totally agree with you. The thing is R-Antispam uses a heuristic algorithm to detect spam, that's way it may detect false positive sometimes.
And that's the reason why I added integration with Akismet. When you get an Akismet key spam detectection is triggered upon user registration. This way it prevents spammers from registering.

Reviews: 7
I had disabled new user registrations because I was getting so much spam on my forum. I installed R Antispam a couple of months ago and re-enabled new users. Not a single spam message has made it through since, hundreds of them have been trapped. Everything a good extension should be; simple, easy to use and does what it says on the tin. Excellent plus.
Reviews: 4
I used it with Kunena. Just great. Saved me. I used to delete about 10-15 spam threads everyday.
Reviews: 2
Amazing, I was getting about 800 spam registrations per day before I installed this extension, I installed it, no configuration at all except to turn on "Use Plugin", and now 2 days later no spam at all. :)
Owner's reply

Hi, Mayakovski.
Thanks for the review. But I have to say that turning on "Use plugin" has nothing to do. As there is no plugin for R-Antispam yet.
What you should have set is the Akismet integration with an Akismet key. That's what should have stopped the spam registration.
PS: If you want to remove the bottom back link there is an option in configuration for it.

Reviews: 3
easy to install, easy to understand BE, easy workflow, works effectively.
Reviews: 10
Uploaded my new website today and within less than 3 minutes RAntispam had logged and blocked a spammer.

Akismet integration makes this a must-have extension.

I have other protection installed but this extension stops things 1st up.

If you use Kunena Forums then use this too.
Reviews: 1
Just installed it after a fresh install of Joomla and trying out the Kunena forums for the first time and having to spend time deleting spam posts instead of uploading content to my new site. Aggh, thought I would have to pull down the forums, but am now waiting for the spammers to attack.
Owner's reply

Integrating with Akismet provides nearly 100% spam prevention.

Reviews: 3
Excellent component that helps fight very effectively against spam forums, thank you.
Reviews: 2
Extensions like this make using forum(Kunena) is the MUST for web site. Any comment systems don't have such good protection against spammers. Let's everybody use #1 forum (Kunena) and #1 antispam tool(R-Antispam)
Reviews: 1
It is absolutely easy to install and tweak. What a relief! Within fifteen minutes I was finished. Installed it this afternoon and this evening it already had caught six spammers. For one of them I had to click the spam button myself. It is self-learning, that is cool.
Reviews: 1
I was impressed with the power of this extension. After installation of this extension almost every spam is detected and is not even displayed to others. Bad users are be blocked automatically. Developer, well done!
Reviews: 5
This is really amazing, my forum has been flooded by spambots, and after installing this great plugin, spamming just stopped instantly.

This is just a must have if you have a forum on your site.

Thanks for this great plugin
Reviews: 2
I agree with others here in that 5 stars are not enough to describe this module. It not only works but has many configuration options and it shows you what is happening.
The best part is that in the past month it has trapped over 75 spam attempts and only 2 got through. Of the two that got through they were recognized as spam but were below or at the allowable threshold, which can also be adjusted.
I can't comment on the support, because this module has worked so well and is so easy to set up that I haven't needed to use them!
Reviews: 1
This extension just saved my life. My website just got targeted by thousands of spambots day, and they are all busted now! And the best of the best, you can "educate" R Antispam... Thanks so much
Reviews: 5
Finally I found a great and effective component for control of spam and it works fantastic!!! Now I watch how the spammers can't do nothing.... poor spammers XD
Reviews: 3
This is a must for all easy to use and does what it says and it is free thank you so much
Reviews: 1
My sites get hammered with spam, this is a fantastic solution which has correctly blocked 100% of spam posts so far. Thanks so much!
Reviews: 3
The Short review; "Works as advertised"
The Long; I'd happily give this package 6 or more stars if I could... I was a bit skeptical when I first installed this, thinking it may cause me even more work than I already have. But I was wrong. Worked Great right out of the box. It has caught hundreds of spam messages on my Kunena Forum with only 1 false positive (that I have seen), and that is pretty good by me.
Great work... Try it out!
Reviews: 2
Thank you very much for powerful extension. I have never been so pleased with a 100% free software. All that I have, or will be for you for free. It's no joke.
Reviews: 2
Recently my website started receiving spam messages posted through my kunena forum. This lead me to delete 1000s of spam posts everyday which took 2-3 hrs nearly. Finally I found this great extension which save me from spam bots.

I really like to contribute this developer.

Hats off :)
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