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GW Spam Protect Plugin

GW Spam Protect - free plugin that will protect your websites on Joomla and VirtuaMart from automatic registrations. Standard built-in Joomla ReCaptcha from Google, which does not meet modern standards of usability. Anyone will tell you that he does not like entering captcha code, not to mention the fact that for a long time, there are many services that are able to recognize and enter it automatically.

But to win the automatic registration is easier than you think.

How it works:
* The plugin automatically adds a checkbox (checkmark) in the registration forms Joomla and VirtueMart.
* Checkbox starts loading only after full page load with a delay of a few seconds , so that robots do not see the checkbox and not be able to put a check mark in it.

* Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3;
* Conversion growth compared with other types of anti-spam;
* Convenience for users;
* Translated into three languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English;
* Plugin connection requires jQuery, if your site is no jQuery, the plugin will automatically load the it;
* Easy to use - just install and publish the plugin;

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