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Article Preview Plugin

Article Preview extension allows to preview an article before publishing, just select your favorite item menù for real article preview in plugin settings.
Create an article, set it to a temporary category and save it. It will appear a new Preview Button in the toolbar.
If all is ok set article to its right category and save.

Report Extension




Reviews: 1
Not work with Joomla3 - button not added at toolbar
Reviews: 52
One of our issues with previewing the content with other extensions is when you use a SEF component like sh404sef, and you preview, it creates duplicate links and can cause issues. With this plugin, you select which menu to see it under which fixes that problem. Bravo.

To the developer.. Please update your wonderful extension to work with Joomla 3.x! We desperately need an article preview for it.
Reviews: 3
Works as described:
I needed to see a preview of a page and submit it for review without disrupting a live site. I was able to do so. The option to choose a menu item helps select a projected layout so you can see what it may look like.

Only problem was the preview is in a pop-up window, but this was easily solved by right-clicking and "open in new tab" of browser for full window.

Great Job, looking forward to future versions and more options.