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Better Preview Plugin

Better Preview - preview as it should be.

Better Preview provides you a preview button for the article you are working on. See what the article will look like before saving or publishing it!

Better Preview also changes the way the 'View site' link in your administrator works. It will make that link go to the frontend equivalent of that page. It will also display links to any parent pages (like parent category pages when editing an article).

How to use it:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 33
This is one of those plugins that I ask, why isn't it a default Joomla feature like it is in WordPress? And then I asked, why didn't I start using this plugin years ago?? So much wasted time! Ha.

Needless to say, this plugin works excellent just like all of NoNumber's extensions. Great previews. Really helps page development, especially for my clients who are less Joomla-savvy than others.

A must-have for all Joomla sites for sure!
Reviews: 2
The extension is usefull and in case of some (very rare) issues, help is there and things are fixed right away! Very recommandable!
Reviews: 1
This plugin has solved a long standing shortcoming of core Joomla for me. No longer will I have to sift through site links to view the page I am working on, now I have a direct link to the exact page from the article manager! Even though I had some minor issues they were resolved fast and professionally. I would highly recommend this plugin for everyone!
Reviews: 3
With the exception of being able to preview some videos (YouTube, etc.) that forbid it, this extension is EXACTLY what I needed. It shows what your article will look like when published on the site.

Peter's support is also Top-Notch. He responded directly to emails and even helped me figure out an issue I was having.
Reviews: 3
For a CMS that relies so heavily on the concept of articles, it's amazing that Joomla forces you to save the article before you can see your edits on your site. Why that simple functionality is not in Joomla is a real flaw.

I just started using Real Preview (free version) and it does what it says, cleanly and without problems. My first reaction when using it to preview an article was, "Thank goodness!"
Reviews: 52
The Better Preview from NoNumber is the second reason we keep our subscription up at his site for his add ons! This is the most used feature of any site we build for clients. Peters support is second to none as well!
Reviews: 20
Absolutely needful extension since it's the only way to get a real preview with template & plugins.

Note - articles need to be saved before they can be reviewed, so perhaps it would be better to do autosave function in this extension or some temporary save with random url (even better).
Reviews: 29
Better Preview is one of many simple and useful extension of NoNumber developer. I can very fast go directly to front-end page with resource which I am editing and see how it looks. It is much better then viewing preview in Joomla text editor or standard preview button at article edit page.
Reviews: 18
Very good, sometime i wonder why they leave out these features that should be default, but maybe this is why, so developers like this can add them.
I get a message after installing about might not be compatible with php 5.2.x.x
But it works fine.

Thank you
Reviews: 2
I love this developer, they make very clean plugins and modules. I use a variety of their other mods. This one was exactly what I was looking for. Adds a little preview button to the top of the Edit Article page to see the edits IN YOUR TEMPLATE. What novel idea!? Would love to see them add some additional functions like rev control and drafts but for FREE this is perfect.

Running on J1.7.4 PHP 5.2.4 (They recommend PHP 5.3+)

Reviews: 6
Handy feature!
Better Preview exists of a system plugin and an Admin module.
To disable the plugin you must do two steps:
Disable/uninstall the plugin and the admin module.
Reviews: 1
Simple and effective, it does what it says. Love it.
Reviews: 7
I love, Love, LOVE this plugin. The ability to see an article in situ without having to go searching for it from your main index page is so useful.

I tend to write pages "off grid" so I can tweak them until they're perfect and this plugin allows me to do this. I used to have to put my site to Offline to do edits when changing live pages. Now I create an off-nav page and use Better Preview, then add it to the site nav structure when it's ready. Such a time saver!

This is one of those essential plugins I add to every single Joomla site I build. Thank you so much, and good show!
Reviews: 4
Awesome extension, does exactly what it promises. It's a much smarter and more useful "preview" for Joomla, because the core one isn't very good (what's the point of previewing content that doesn't like it will once published?)

"Add to menu" by the same author is another time-saving extension that works great.
Reviews: 4
I like it a lot, but I miss that the whole url is copied to the Clipboard including the domain name.
Owner's reply

You can request features via my forum.
To get the entire url, you can just open the page via the preview link and copy the link from the address bar.

Reviews: 10
Should be a core plugin. Thank you for developing and maintaining it.

Also, check out all the other excellent extensions by the developer. Very helpful and useful!
Reviews: 9
We add this to all the sites we deploy. Does exactly what it says Makes it much easier for admins to check pages.
Reviews: 17
All NoNumber extensions are very useful. I start my sites with most of them installed by default. Better Preview saves tons of time when previewing articles just created. No need to go to the frontpage and navigate to the new page anymore. Better Preview takes you directly to the newly created page.
Reviews: 2
Does exactly as advertised. Thank you to the developers!
Reviews: 5
this is very useful thing, but i think all plugs from this developer has sign "MUST HAVE"
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