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Add to Menu Module

Add to Menu - add menu items simply and quickly.

Add to Menu is an Administrator module. You will get an extra link in the top right of your Administrator to quickly add a menu item link of the page you are viewing.

As the reviews state: A simple TIMESAVER

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Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic extension. I wish there was something similar for the frontend!
Reviews: 54
I have been looking for this feature in J1.5.
Thanks so much!!

This Admin module makes it very easy to link your Articles to any Menu while creating the Article itself. ( without going to Menu Manager ).

Save a good deal of time!

Many Thanks :)
Reviews: 30
I just found this little gem.

What a time saver.

It installs instantly. Adds a button on the article page that you see as soon as you Apply an article. Select your menu item and it's finished. Cuts down on those tedious treks to the boring Menu Manager.

Reviews: 1
seamless, and perfect, and SOOO much simpler for creating menus on the fly!
Reviews: 6
Works out of the box!!! Very helpful time saver!

Many thanks to the developer!!!
Reviews: 6
Makes development, editing & administration of Joomla content that much more simple. Like other extensions it's well implemented, actively maintained, and dead useful.

Absolutely best in class.
Reviews: 2
Should be a standard feature of Joomla. I mean who has all that time to create menus.

Thanks so much
Reviews: 3
This is wonderful! Anything to make things easier on my clients get an A+ in my book, and this certainly does! Everyone should be using this!
Thank you very much nonumber, you do great work! I would love to see a version to somehow implement on the front end for those 'special' clients. If you ever come up with anything let me know! Would be worth a great deal!
Thanks again!
Owner's reply

Thanks, I have plans to extend it (optionally) with an editor button that should also work on the frontend.

Reviews: 21
With this extension you'll get the same effekt like with the Cache Cleaner.

- one button
- visible if you need it
- one click
- and be happy....
Reviews: 1
this just makes life so easy and makes its so much better for adding strait to a menu great many thanks
Owner's reply

Yeah, every mouseclick less makes life easier :)

Reviews: 1
This is excellent it will make life so much easier for my admin users! Thanks :)
Owner's reply

Thanks. Happy you like it!

Reviews: 1
Saves my time and make my Joomlalife much more easier ;)
Owner's reply

Thanks that you used that time saved to write a review! :)

Reviews: 8
I've been missing this feature from Joomla 1.0 and I was wondering why it wasn't included in 1.5 and now it is! Awesome! This extension will save TONS of time.
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