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Admin Bar Unlocker Plugin

Tired of locked admin bar when editing something? This simple plugin is for you. It will always keep the admin bar unlocked, so you will not be nervous when you want to navigate elsewhere quickly.

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Reviews: 1
This is a real time saver. Easy navigation and excellent satisfaction. It is very simple easy to install and right away result.
Reviews: 1
Never thought that it is so simple to get what I was looking for. I can see now that not only me was looking for such a plugin. Big thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 5
This is one of the those extensions that should really just be built in to Joomla!, but you're so glad that some one took the time to write it. It makes moving around in the administration section so much less cumbersome. Thanks for this great extension!
Reviews: 7
I cannot live without this extension! Instal it, and forget it! Never again stuck by editing article, menu or module… Use multitabs navigator and create your contents more easily (WIN: ctrl+clic or Mac: cmd+clic). Pretty little diamond.
Reviews: 9
Another essential tool by Edvard Ananyan.
It could even be included in same file than Admin Forever as both are great helpers made to just work.
Reviews: 6
The locked bar was always a headache when trying to reach another page quickly. This extension saves me time and was the first thing I installed.
I disagree with the other reviewer mentioning that he would like a confirmation button before exiting an article for example, because if you are in the middle of building an article why should you point to the admin bar anyway?
After all, the extension is all about saving me from clicking, isn't it?
Reviews: 5
Nice job, Joomla! backend simply needs this.
Thanks! 5 thumbs.....
Reviews: 26
Now my life is easier - working as a lone administrator I can move around admin much faster - excellent.
Reviews: 29
Great plugin for single administrators who do not have to worry about locked Joomla resources and want to go quickly to other part of administration panel
Reviews: 54
Works like a charm! Does exactly what it says. Thanks very much
Reviews: 7
5 Stars
merci Akhper jan (Armenian)
really it's very usefully
Reviews: 6
This one is definitely a must have and is a standard part of my default setup on every site I build. Thanks for the great add-on.
Reviews: 101
This should be a joomla default in my opinion, or at least be installed in joomla by default giving admins the option. Any ways the title says it all.
Reviews: 9
Joomla block's the admin bar because when you press Cancel, the system know you're not editing the article more, and he unblock that.
This way we aboid use the option "Global unblock" in the Tools menú.

Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks for readme.
Reviews: 5
The software works without flaw
and performs exactly as described.

Cons: None

Thank you for contributing your excellent work.
And thank you for volunteering. All the Best!
Reviews: 6
I'm sure Joomla has a good reason for locking the admin bar, but I certainly don't know what that is.

This extension saves me so much time and headaches. It allows me to open another tab in FF for say, the article or section manager, without having to leave what I'm editing. Great when I need to clean the cache, too. Such a great extension!
Reviews: 19
this is a classic example of a developer that sees a design flaw and creates a simple open source plugin that nails it down and works flawlessly.

with admin blocker - i can now click save or apply and i am still able to access the top menu!

thank you so very much! xx denNISI
Reviews: 1
I can't tell you how many times I was editing an article or module and wanted to be able to open a new tab for something else while having that article/module open.

This is a great concept! You should ALWAYS save your article/module and not just back out but there are times you need to open a new window/tab while you are editing.

Great idea and works just fine.
Reviews: 2
One small thing like this can make it so much easier for you in the long run. thanks for creating this!
Reviews: 1
this was one thing i hated many times - wanting to leave a page directly throught the menu - without having to save, apply ... thx a lot
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