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Admin Bar Unlocker Plugin

Tired of locked admin bar when editing something? This simple plugin is for you. It will always keep the admin bar unlocked, so you will not be nervous when you want to navigate elsewhere quickly.

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Reviews: 2
You should have good brain to think of creating an extension like this! Very well designed and a must have one. Very useful for a Joomla admin. Thank you.
Reviews: 31
what a genius idea to create this helpful plugin. So easy to install and it works wonderful. Many thanks for sharing this with us.
Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 9
No other word other than excellent. Very well thought and every Joomla Administrator should have it and would love it too.

The only thing that I would expect it to do;
When you are editing an Article, in-case if you had clicked on the menu without holding the SHIFT /CTRL key, there should be a warning message.

The message could be
"Do you want to save the changes you have made to the Article before navigating away from this window, Click YES to SAVE, NO if you don’t want to save.
Currently it just switches to anything you are choosing from the menu and any modifications done to the Article will be lost.

Other than that it’s very useful if you are in any other window / module or Component.
Owner's reply

I'm trying to keep it simple ;)

Reviews: 3
this will save your time, very ingenious, and only 4Kb!
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