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BC-AdminLanguageSwitch Module

BC-ALS (Admin-Language-Switch) saves your time and nerves!

Available for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6!

BC-ALS (Admin-Language-Switch) is a Joomla administration module which lets you switch the administration language fast and keeps the actual page/address.

This is expecially useful if you like to take screenshots from installation & configuration processes in multiple languages.

So let's say, you like to take screenshots of the parameters of your new module for documentation purposes in multiple administration languages.

Normally, when you are on the module's parameter's page and took your screenshot in your default-administration language and would now also like to take a screenshot in let's say german administration language, you would have to first close the module's page, go to your user-preferences, switch your administration language, save, go back to the module's list page, select your module and now you could take your second screenshot.

With BC-ALS simply take your screenshot, switch the admin language by click and now take your second one.

Available administration languages: English, german, french, spanish, estonian
(But you may switch to any administration language you have installed!)

Version 1.1 fixes a little bug in the modules xml file.
Version 1.2 adds estonian administration language (Thanks to Rivo Zängov!)

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Reviews: 20
Working just perfect and a great simple solution!

Thanks !