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JSN PowerAdmin was built with one single goal in mind: to make Joomla EASY and fun to use.

Simple things in Joomla such as changing module positions, hiding an article’s title or relocating menu items might be difficult for a Joomla Newbie. JSN PowerAdmin allows you to have full control over your Joomla website in a single screen. With JSN PowerAdmin, you can:

* Control all website content, including Menus, Components, and Modules in just one place. The user can easily do tasks such as editing details and reordering items using drag-n-drop. There is no need to compare the front-end and the back-end content.
* Locate a wide variety of items, which you need to edit but have no idea about where they are
* Edit, duplicate or uninstall all existing template styles with just a few clicks

Do you want to see right now how it effectively supports you in managing your Joomla administration?

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Don’t waste a second to make your job easier with this FREE product, check it out now!

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Languages Available: English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, French and Russian.

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Reviews: 1
As a beginner, I was greatly assisted by the power admin, simple and user friendly. thanks, continue to develop for thousands of people in need.
Reviews: 2
Just amazing, it simply helps you to organize everything faster, it allows you to go right to the modules that you really need to work on, change editor fast, move positions in menus and modules just by drag and drop

I can't find a con, well it would be better if we could see the layout of the default template in a more visually correct way

This extension is a must from now on for me

Awesome performance

Level of support received? I had no need, their documentation is great

Ease of usage and deployment: excellent, really easy

Purpose of using the extension:
For my main site to sale websites

Level of difficulty: easy, very intuitively

My experience level with Joomla: intermediate, haven`t programmed anything yet but I will go deeper into php and mysql to try to program some basic stuff
havent created a template either yet

oh, and this extention is free!!! wow!
Reviews: 1
This extension has just gotten better and better. It is especially helpful if you are visual. It makes seeing your menus, modules, and module positions very easy. You can easily see what is assigned to a page. You can move things around by dragging (both menus and modules). Unpublished menus and modules are visible too if you want to see them. I am running this on 3.2.1 and on the latest 2.5. It works well in both.
Reviews: 2
I must admit I had reservations before using an extension that would change my well established Administration habits and best practices. But I shouldn't have worried. Getting to grips with PowerAdmin was simple and made for an easy transition. Many of the changes are subtle but they make life so much easier. I will be using this on every project from now on.
Reviews: 5
Seems like a cool way to manage your backend however I've tried multiple times to install akeeba backup and never worked or showed up in the components drop down, after uninstalling the "poweradmin" all went back to normal.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. We will take care of this issue right away.

Reviews: 1
It is a great extension and make Joomla mutch easyer to manage content.
Reviews: 1
I have used many different quick start templates and such but I have to say this one is really well developed and has just about everything you could need to get a site going. I totally recommend this, it is actually as good - if not better - than the templates that are paid for.
Reviews: 2
It is one of the "MUST INSTALL" Components here in JED!!!! Combined with template by the same company makes thing a lot easier and faster for me....
Reviews: 6
Configuration from one page makes complex tasks easy.

The guys at Joomlashine enable users to achieve far more without a great deal of effort!
Reviews: 15
I can't say that this extension really helps me run the site; I'm fairly expert with Joomla's backend, so this doesn't do much that I can't do already. The one thing that it does which is MUCH easier than Joomla itself is in the ordering of modules in a given position, or the ordering of articles, and this is only in Joomla 3.x -- the new method of ordering in 3.x seems really buggy, or inept, or something -- as there is no way to "save" the order once you're selected it -- sure you can drag and drop, but it doesn't stick, there's no way to save it as you used to be able to. Using Poweradmin makes ordering in 3.x MUCH easier.
Reviews: 15
What a great extension! Does exactly what it says it does which is a nice surprise. Keep an eye on these guys as they certainly know their Joomla! stuff. Thank you.
Reviews: 4
I used it for one of my client. Few days ago he was asking me frequently for simple admin issues. He was not able to find few simple things into admin. But after installing this module it has been very easy for him to do any changes. :)
Reviews: 2
Excellent work! Easy to install and handy tool for every level of user. Thanks Developer :)
Reviews: 3
This extension is very helpful. Helps a lot to configure your site in the easy way. Thanks!!!!
Reviews: 2
Everyone should purchase these extensions and templates. If you want to know what great customer service feels like, these guys and ladies won't let you down.
The company is consistently putting out updates to all their products. They make my Joomla life easy.
I had to come back and review because I am extremely impressed with the updates and innovation they provide for me. It's really hard to tell you everything so I will give you one example...
I recently updated 2 templates (it's not difficult with JSN. you press the "upgrade" button inside the template) and I got some cool features. A) Social Media Icons built in and editable from the front-end B) A graphical mini view of the templates layout positions that you can drag to size! It's cool and that's only a couple features of 1 of their 4 products.
Get it! You won't be sorry.
Reviews: 3
This is very good extension and everyone must have this extension on their Joomla website
Reviews: 2
My compliments to the creators and developers of JSN extensions and templates. Everything really works great. Once installed the outcome is just unbelievable. Also outstanding is the support. They were very helpful and committed to resolve my issue. So guys, please go on with your great job.
Reviews: 2
This is a great Extension, its easy to install and makes working with joomla so much easier, thanks for this!
Reviews: 1
The administrator extention gives good posibilites and functions OK
Reviews: 2
If only the core Joomla admin interface was half this useful. Developing client sites is far quicker when articles, menu items and modules are all accessible on the same page. Hats off to the developers.
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