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JSN PowerAdmin was built with one single goal in mind: to make Joomla EASY and fun to use.

Simple things in Joomla such as changing module positions, hiding an article’s title or relocating menu items might be difficult for a Joomla Newbie. JSN PowerAdmin allows you to have full control over your Joomla website in a single screen. With JSN PowerAdmin, you can:

* Control all website content, including Menus, Components, and Modules in just one place. The user can easily do tasks such as editing details and reordering items using drag-n-drop. There is no need to compare the front-end and the back-end content.
* Locate a wide variety of items, which you need to edit but have no idea about where they are
* Edit, duplicate or uninstall all existing template styles with just a few clicks

Do you want to see right now how it effectively supports you in managing your Joomla administration?

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Don’t waste a second to make your job easier with this FREE product, check it out now!

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Languages Available: English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, French and Russian.

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Reviews: 6
I saw this presented at the recent Melbourne Joomla! Day. As the presenter explained what it can do I nearly stood up and applauded. The guys at JoomlaShine had nailed some problems faced by administrators and created a great product to solve them. I particularly love the positions light box - you don't just select a position, you can SEE where it will go. Way to go guys!
Reviews: 3
Realy i appriciate those guys who has develop this extension as far as working view then that's amazing....
Reviews: 10
I love JSN PowerAdmin because turns administration very friendly and information findeable.
Reviews: 3
I have downloaded this extension. One word "excellent". I agree with some of the reviewers that this extension should be default joomla admin feature. More more people will use joomla! if they know this extension exists. I just feel like using wordpress widget management. Never stop developing it and thanks so much for making it free of charge.
Reviews: 1
JSN power admin helps to get a better manage your website. It helps to save time, you don't have to looking for some options or module positions as before. Great job JSN !
Reviews: 1
The power admin helps to get a better view of the website from the administrators point of view. I helps to save time, because you can directly access function from the overview, not neccesary to go through tiring sub menus. Godd work!
Reviews: 7
Love this extension! I can't begin to tell you how many hours this has saved me, in updates and general management of my Website.

It offers shortcuts to updating, assigning, re-ordering, and adding new modules, shortcuts to editing articles, and shortcuts to finding modules, components, articles, plug-ins and menus, even if you've forgotten the full title. For the feature which allows quick re-ordering and assignment of modules alone, this would have been irresistible.

Mac users will greatly appreciate the Spotlight-like way that it performs searches. It not only searches titles, but also item aliases (short link names)...and then conveniently breaks down matches into a list organized by extension type (component, article, module, etc.). Slick!

It also gives you a quick access list of the items you've used/updated the most, tells you how long you've been logged in for, includes a quick site preview button, and even more.

Bonus: The design of the interface is clean and easy to navigate. And the real-time search engines and updating process works super FAST.

This is one of those extensions which contains features that you didn't realize you wished were native to Joomla. But whatever, it's great to have them now. It makes the entire Admin experience much more smooth, and I no longer spend eons searching for things I can't remember the name of, or toggling browser windows back and worth to remember in what order a module appears on a page, or what pages they're assigned to.

I ended up contacting customer support about another free extension last year. Though I ended up not needing them later, I also used their free templates and upgraded one to Pro. But the same kind of design and efficiency behind JSN PowerAdmin was found in their other work, and the customer support received was excellent on paid extensions and the basic questions I had about free extensions.
Reviews: 3
Better usability (really, a lot better) of admin environment. Easy access to everything. Great also for who is every time installing and uninstalling extensions, because of the great feature "uninstall" direct from components menu. The search box is great to save time searching for elements, mainly on projects not made by me. Congratulations!
Reviews: 1
After a few hours of using JSN PowerAdmin after purchasing JoomlaShine JSN Pixel template this long time Joomla user that has used all alternative admin templates has to say that the free JSN PowerAdmin makes the Joomla admin process so simple and elegant. I do expect some issues with some components but that is to be expected, and even so, I am giving this extensions a HUGE THUMBS UP:

1. The graphical user interface experience of JSN PowerAdmin user friendly;

2. Simple and clear and easy to use for all types of users, from novice to experts;

3. Admins can very easily edit, view, delete, change modify, uploaded extensions, all with ease;

4. It is intuitive and the user experience easy and enjoyable. It allows you to have full control over your Joomla website in a single screen making it work on all devices, especially with Joomla 3.0 being released;

5. The user can easily know how to navigate the course of the admin operations, and the user can clearly understand what they are doing and will experience a great usability.

To the JoomlaShine Team:
Keep delivering awesome! Kudos!!!!!
Reviews: 37
I have long used JoomlaShine templates and was thrilled when they offered a back-end admin template. Really cool that they offered their work for free and if you decide to try one of their templates, go for the developer version. I frequently reuse the core template for my clients. Anyway, the admin app stays put on the top of the screen so you can access the menu quickly and easily!

Thanks JS!
Reviews: 3
By far one of the highest quality joomla add ons I've ever seen, and it's free!

Everything about this is fantastic, few suggestions though:

- Dragging and dropping of menus is a tad buggy, sometimes you select instead of moving, it can sometimes be hard to drop in the right spot.

- ZOO Support please release a premium version of this that supports zoo!

Excellent overall.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

We are already in progress of rewriting Menu manager from the scratch.

Also we are doing research on supporting k2 and Zoo as well.

Reviews: 4
This extension just keeps getting better and better with each update, and I install it on all of my sites. It simplifies site administration and adds some very useful "power tools."
Reviews: 4
I have to have this extension on any site that I work on. It is a must for me. Thanks to everyone at JoomlaShine ! Awesome job.
Reviews: 18
All I can say is it turbo-charged the admin area. So many short cuts, saving hours of clicking and checking. With developers creating extensions like these, Joomla can only go up. My hat is off to the Joomlashine team.
Reviews: 1
I just loved the extention the first time I installed. Made backend administration so easy.
Reviews: 3
The moment I installed this component I could see the improvements and difference it makes in managing my site. A hefty percentage of my time in Joomla is spent switching between sections and finding modules and editing their settings. Where have you been all my life?
Reviews: 4
I was longtime looking for this possibility to order my backend.
But I had a little problem for my use together with community builder module.
After short I got help. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 8
This product will save you hours of time, and should be the default Joomla Administrator menu bar.

My only suggestions are:
1. have the option to hide the delete button - some clients might accidentally click it
2. have the option of adding the site's name or logo to the left of the bar
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. We will take into consideration your ideas to improve the product.

Reviews: 4
Excellent extension now I organize my site quickly.
Reviews: 4
This makes your site management easy!

A couple of suggestions:

- the ability to add articles and modules
- please reduce the size of the title and the white space in the component to increase the working space.
- A double click on a menu items selects that item/page
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. We will take into consideration your ideas to improve the product.

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