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Here is a free Joomla! 2.5+ compatible icon manager for the administrator console. I wrote it to take full advantage of the 2.5 MVC, so it allows for an infinite amount of icons that can be placed in categories and have ACL rules applied to them.

The package contains both a component and a module. Use the component to add/delete/publish, etc new icons (provide a link and an image). A sample icons is included to show you what values are needed.

The module must be published in the 'icon' position for the administrator. You can copy the module to make additional icon groupings. The module can also be configured to display icons from all categories or from specific categories.

The project is hosted on GitHub, so fork it and send me a pull request or let me know about desired features!

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Reviews: 1
I created all icons categories. I am trying to modify them but I cannot. I means can reopend them but the save and close botton & save botton do no appear. Just close botton. I must be a program error.
Reviews: 5
2 minutes to setup, a whole life to enjoy! Congratulations.
Reviews: 17
Installed, added all the needed icons (also from other components) with different access levels, and disabled the default quick icons.
I've lost the Joomla and Extensions Update Check Icons but I don't use them.
Lacks the ability to reorder the icons and I have an issue deleting items (posted on github).
Reviews: 16
Looking for something like this for a long time and along comes All Icons. Free, flexible, functional, and fabulous. Well done and thanks.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words. I like when others can use one of my extensions. Let me know on GitHub if you have any ideas for improvement.