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myCPanelLink Module

Creates a link, in the admin status area, to your web sites Control Panel, not to be confused with your Joomla control panel, for quick access.

4 steps to implement.
Set the position of the module to status.
Set the URL of your web hosts control panel
(the default shows how most Control Panels can be accessed).
Determine which users can view/access the links.
Publish and save it.

The myCPanelLink link should now appear in the status bar at the top.

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Reviews: 3
If I have a Joomla site open then I usually have to enter the Cpanel in hosting. With this extension one click and I'm in.
This tool is needed on just about every Joomla install. Its a very nice time saver. Try it you will like it.
Easy install and anyone can use this extension.
Reviews: 1
Sometimes there are little things that you don't even think to look for. There have been many times that I am working on a Joomla site and find I need to login to my hosting account for some reason. I just happened to find this while looking for other things.

This module took less than 5 minutes to download, install, and test. It will be very handy.

Thank you.