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KaozDesigns QuickIcon Module

KaozDesigns QuickIcon module is for site administrators wanting to easily add custom links to their Joomla 2.5.x or 3.0.x Control Panel. This module allows administrators to create up to 5 custom links using custom URLs and image icons. Preinstalled icons can also be accessed from a dropdown that links to the default administrator template.

The module was created in hopes to streamline some of the frustrations of adding custom Control Panel icons. Our module is a replacement for the default QuickIcons administrator module. If you enjoy this extension please review it on the JED.

** Version 2.0.3 now available with several fixes, new unified installer, and image support for Joomla 3.0+ **

** New Media Manager integration for uploading custom icons directly to your root images folder for QuickIcons **

** Now with ACL Support for each Icon **

** KaozDesigns QuickIcon now available for Joomla 3.0 **
** Version 2.0.1 Has Been Released **

The new version features the addition of the Joomla Update and Joomla Extensions Update Icons.

Some new code tweaks were added to automate the publishing of the module. Post- flight installer is now used to setup and automate the publishing feature as well as create a custom icons folder in the root images folder.

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Reviews: 2
Better than all the other ones I've tried. So I gave 5 stars.

Would be nice if there was the option to add more links than 5, but at this stage I haven't reached that. So it's serving it's purpose.

One slight issue is that when you add custom icons, the order is the opposite when you first log in or the control panel, than the input list in the module itself.

Otherwise, it's a nice extension and works better than many others I've tried!

Thank you. I would still defiantly recommend this to others.
Owner's reply


Thank you very much for leaving a review on my first JED extension. After reading your comment I realized you are right, the icons do sort backwards. I will be releasing a new version probably this week that should resolve that issue. I am also working on a pre-flight script that allows a custom folder to be created in /images/ to store your custom icons. I am also working on adding the media manager to each of the custom icons so you can upload directly to the new folder without the need for FTP access. Your extensions updater should alert you this week so be watching. Thank you again for the kind review.

Kaoz Designs