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Shortcuts JX Plugin

Keyboard shortcuts for Joomla backend. Improve your administration experience with keyboard shortcuts. How many times have you hit CTRL+S hoping it would save the article you were editing? This plugin will make it work. Shortcuts JX work with standard Joomla administration buttons and they should work with most Joomla extensions. Same package with Joomla 2.5.x and 3.1.x.

Available shortcuts:

CTRL+S, ALT+S --- Save Item
CTRL+N, ALT+N --- New Item, Save and New
CTRL+SHIFT+S, ALT+SHIFT+S --- Save and Close
ALT+C --- Save as Copy
CTRL+A, ALT+A --- Check all Items
SHIFT+DELETE --- Trash, Delete
ESC --- Cancel, Show Control Panel

Known Browser issues:

This script is somewhat browser dependent and different browsers different issues may appear.

Mozilla Firefox:
-In Joomla 2.5.x, if article form is not valid default behavior for shortcuts is not prevented
IE 8:
-Shortcuts not accessible when focused on TinyMCE editor
-CTRL+N will not work

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Reviews: 1
Very Very nice plugins for Admin panel of Joomla.
And here it is very good.
thanks a lot.
Reviews: 1
Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, it's the simple things in life that make our lives happy and this is one of them. A simple extension for us keyboard shortcut users. I was forever hitting CNTR S and having to close a windows window that opened because this keyboard shortcut didn't work in my joomla admin. I'm a newbe so when i first installed the extension I thought it wasn't working. I thought it might be because I was using K2 however I remembered to check to see if I had to "turn it on"or activate it and that's what I had to do so once I did that in the plugins it worked great.'

Thanks again, hope there are more shortcuts coming.
Reviews: 1
This is only Hotkey plugins for Admin panel of Joomla. Thanks a lot for your favor, specially for both J!2.5 and J!3.x versions. Hope to update continuesly, and write more FREE missed needed addons for admins. Thanks again.
Reviews: 1
A great idea and a simply well-working realization! Install, enable plugin, done!

Never again I'll have to use the mouse just to do a fast save. It annoyed me so much that Joomla doesn't have such shortcuts built in.
Today I finally had the idea to find out if someone built such an extension.

And here it is. Great work. Thank you!