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Admin Forever Plugin

This simple plugin will prevent admin session expiration, so you will never be logged out when you don't want it to happen.

Note: You still need to login!

Keywords: Session, Admin session, session expiration, session meter

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Reviews: 21
Rock solid. Used since 2.5 or maybe before that on a lot of sites. Never a hiccup. Never a problem. Works perfectly and simple. Great job and thank you for a great extension!
Reviews: 30
I can't believe I've used this great little plugin all these years and never gave it the great review it deserves.

I install this in all my joomla sites. It keeps me, as SuperAdministrator logged in and keeps me from being kicked out.

This lets me set a low session time in Joomla's control panel, which is what we want for site security.

Before I had this plug in I would set my sessions for much too long a time.

This fixes all of that.

Thanks for this gem!

Reviews: 6
Does what it says, never lose any data from disconnecting. Thank you!
Reviews: 11
Does what it says it does. I've been using it for all of my client sites saving me a lot of time by not having to sign in during demos, teaching, or updates.
I highly recommend it
Reviews: 6
Nothing to say...
Excellent extension and is now part of the Must have extensions if you are working on multiple sites... Thanks a lot
Reviews: 10
I've used and recommended Joomla Forever for quite some time now and since upgrading all my sites to 2.5.x I cannot do without it, I run a number of online shops that require I stay logged into the admin and this just just that. Clean simple and NO fuss.
Reviews: 4
That's one of those Must-Have extensions, it's actually the first one I install in new sites.
Great job!
Reviews: 2
Love this plugin! It's always one of the first plugins I install onto a new Joomla installation. Works flawlessly!
Reviews: 2
Very useful plugin especially if you need to do lot of translation with localise component
Reviews: 1
Thank you to developer who develop this extension. Eventhough it simple plugin but it really usefull.

I use this plugin for all my client,. Thank
Reviews: 5
Use this on a virtuemart site and sometimes when creating a new product I have been times out of the site....

Got this and installed it, but it just wouldnt work... I was seeing it as enabled, but just wasnt working. When I logged in as another admin it wasnt enabled..... quick click of enable and bam. worked perfect.

Not sure why as my own admin user I could see it as enabled when it wasnt.... and I dont really care now - love it.
Reviews: 3
I install this plug as default all of my joomla site and use this plug more than 2 years

If you writing content,config your site, do everything in live site you must have because witout this plug-in defalt joomla setting will kick you out of site in a few minute
Reviews: 1
I cannot really rate this product. indicates it is suitable for 2.5 but the author's website has nothing for Joomla greater than 1.7. I missed that, installed the version 1.5 (oops) and was left with "Fatal error: Call to a member function getCfg() on a non-object in /home/[mysite]/public_html/plugins/system/admin8/admin8.php on line 48"
Reviews: 9
It should be part of default Joomla!

It simply impossible to work on long articles without it.

Only other solution : to code outside Joomla!
Reviews: 1
This product is simple an clear in what it does. I have used it for many years and install it on every customers site I create. without it I would have to re-login often. I can have a site admin side open for all day.
I suggest that when done for the day log out so no one can spoof your open account.
Thanks for updating it for the new versions of joomla!!!!!!!
Reviews: 9
Must have or else you are logged out of admin every now and then.
Reviews: 2
First pulgin to install on any joomla project.
Very good job
Reviews: 2
Wonderful plugin, saves me from the moments of insanity when I come to know that I have been kicked out of Joomla session while trying to save my article after editing it for a long time..

Now this really saves me from those moments where my head cracks off.

Moreover I had problem with Xcloner backup which logs out automatically and I coudnt backup the site. even this problem is also solved now.

This must be a core part of Joomla.

Thanks to the author of this plugin.
Reviews: 4
Nice modul, frst install on any joomla site :D
Reviews: 5
This plugin should be into the core package of Joomla! It's must have tool.

Many thanks to developer
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