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Admin Forever Plugin

This simple plugin will prevent admin session expiration, so you will never be logged out when you don't want it to happen.

Note: You still need to login!

Keywords: Session, Admin session, session expiration, session meter

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Reviews: 1
A fantastic extension that I always install on any joomla website, does exactly what it says, no longer do you find yourself logged out of a joomla administration site, this extension keeps you logged in until you decide to logout.
Reviews: 29
Excellent plugin! Very useful for Administrator who need to be still logged in.
Reviews: 9
Excellent extensions, high recommended to anyone that needs to keep their admin open. I use this on every site.
Reviews: 6
This is genius... I don't know how often i've been extremely frustrated cuz i get called away alot when im in the middle of creating an article... superb job
Reviews: 6
Works as it should. Very helpful for busy admins
Reviews: 2
This plug-in is entirely invisible and does exactly what it says. No more lost work. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
So simple and yet so effective! Simply excellent.
Reviews: 7
I was just wishing for something like this the other day after losing a good deal of work because I was logged out. Thanks!!!
Reviews: 6
Does exactly what is promised.

The most annoying thing in the world is really getting into the groove when writing an article or story, then hitting save and losing EVERYTHING because Joomla has logged you out. Well no more! This plugin has saved me so much time and aggrivation.

Wonderful for site development as well. Never lose a change because of login timeouts again.
10 stars out of 5.

Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 1
You know how you are administering a site, making changes and reviewing them in one or more monitors or browsers. That's when you see it - that one little error that takes you 30 minutes to fix. Maybe it is a bad version of the logo, or maybe it was lunch, but you are away from the admin board for a while.

You get back, and you hit that "save" button, and you are back to the sign on. Everything is lost, and you start to say those things that are not allowed in a review.

This little tool keeps you from facing that again, and that is all it does - your admin session just does not log off.

It is simple to install and activate - upload, go to the plug-ins, activate. No parameters, no maintenance. I do not know anything about support - it has never malfunctioned, caused any cross-module/plug-in problems.

It just works.

Of course, you would not want to have this running if you do not secure your workstation - but who does that? I mean, you don't REALLY have your password taped on your monitor, and your workstation autolocks, right? Good lord, man! I work out of my home office, and I have that level of security.

I use this on every site I install, and fully intend to paypal some money to the author when we are making money (we can talk about starting a not for profit business in the worst recession of our time some other time).

I think that this should be rolled into Joomla! as a default option. It is absolutely one of the most vital extensions there are.

I have been a web developer for 12 years, and am a advanced Joomla! admin.
Reviews: 4
Works like a charm & is just what I was looking for. I'm really tired of pausing to look something up only to come back & discover that my Joomla session has timed out. Now I don't have to worry about that any more. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Just needed a tool to use on my development machines, works fine. I don;t use this in production for obvious reasons, but for development comes highly recommended.
Owner's reply

No problems at all for production sites too.

Reviews: 1
Just what I've been looking for. Session expiration had been driving me mad.
Big thanks.
Reviews: 7
It doesn't work mate..
May be it worked a couple of times..
Does it not work when I login from two machines?
Owner's reply

Probably you have javascript errors in your back-end.

Reviews: 1
Or I misunderstood what it's suppose to do.

I still have to log in. I thought it would stop me having to login to the admin area?
Owner's reply

You misunderstand what it does. Of course you need to login. But when you are logged in, it will make your admin session to not expire. If that doesn't work, probably you have javascript errors in your back-end.

Reviews: 31
so easy to install and to use. I should have installed this much earlier. I like this helpful plugin. Thanks for sharing with us.
Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 2
Just perfect for those who spend hours customizing and organizing the backend, and for customers who like to write your notes in the same!
Reviews: 8
This does fit a need of mine. I don't want to increase the sessions at all unless I'm running a forum. But the backend of a site is where the work gets done, and I take long breaks. The biggest pain is having to log back in, especially when you run additional security.

So, I've been using this since it first showed up. I run it in live sites (because I'm crazy) with no problems. I don't know what bug fixes there have been, but I have yet to update my original.
Reviews: 106
I've wanted an extension like this for quite some time, it gets bothersome when logged into the admin section and then get auto logged out because I had something I had to do. Thanks for making this, one of my favorite admin extensions out there!
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