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JPrc Cronjobs ComponentPlugin

JPrc Cron is a Joomla package (a component and a plugin) for Cron Jobs Management and Scheduling.

Its purpose is to simulate cron jobs through Joomla front end interface at preset periods of time for users who either don't have access to the server crontab/cPanel or don't want to use it for any purpose.

It is launched at the preset time only if your site gets visits in place. Each time a user or spider accesses your public site you will have the cron running. Eg if you set 3:00am, it might run 3:10am (according your site traffic).

If you need a solution to run, even if there's no visit, you need a server side solution to run within regular and fixed periods of time.

*** This software is a based in venerable JCron, updated to the Joomala! J2.5/ 3.0. ***


These are the Job parameters:

Task name
Task type: SSH Command / Web Address fopen Web Address fsockopen / Plugin / Curl for Akeeba
Command to Run
Run at: Minute(s)/ Hour(s)/ Day(s)/ Months(s)/ Weekday(s)
UNIX Crontab
Enable logs
Last Run Time
Last Run Log Text

These are the Componente parameters:

Send Cron Logs to Email
Activate Email Logs
Enable Database Logs

*** Updates in 3.4.1 ***

* Fix for Call to undefined method EHtmlGrid

*** Updates in 3.3.1 ***

* Restored TaskManagerHelper.

*** Updates in 3.3.0 ***

* Improved Tasks / Categories navigation

*** Updates in 3.2.0

* Support for Joomla 3.2 Alpha2 / Framework on Framework RAD revC1A6D5A-1378494129 - 2013-09-06

*** Updates in 3.1.0

- Support for AkeebaBackup Urls (Curl) tasks.

*** Updates in 3.0.1

- Revision for Joomla 2.5/3.0, and Framework on Framework (FOF) v2

*** Updates in 3.0

- Joomla 3 compatibility,
- Fof - Framework on Framework library
- Extly Library support.
- Updater

- Updates in 2.1 - full review for Joomla 2.5 (bug fixed in the table creation Type ISAM x Engine)

- Updates in 1.0 - initial release with a basic port

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Reviews: 3
thank you for this useful component.

- Competible with Akeeba

Immediate debugging by Support Team.
Reviews: 3
I'm using this extension for few months. No problem so far. working just fine. so, i recommend it
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Extly Team

Reviews: 2
Made my life easier by allowing automatic updates of another extension. Only minor issue is that when in categories the menu disappears so you can't get back to tasks without going back through the component menu.
Thanks for this.
Owner's reply

Thank you! We are checking the menu issue.


Reviews: 1
This is the first review i am writing for any extension in Joomla . I am new to Joomla and this extension solved my big problem and saved my day. Very easy to configure . Thanks for providing this.
Owner's reply

We are happy to help you ;-)

Thank you very much for your feedback!