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Little Helper ComponentModulePlugin

Favicons ★ Apple Touch Icons ★ .htaccess ★ SEF ★ Empty Trash ★ Clear Cache ► ► ►

Save time setting up and managing your site with this free extension:

★ Favicons ★ apple touch icons ►
Drag and drop, Paste, Crop images!
Just 1 click to create the files and add the markup with the bundled plugin; also for administrator;

★ .htaccess / SEF ►
Tests the .htaccess to ensure it works then installs it;

★ Trash ► Empty Joomla! Recycle bin;

★ Cache Clear ► Clean (selected) cache folders from any page;

★ Robots.txt ► and Humans.txt editor.

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Reviews: 13
I was working in Fabrik and these old deleted db's and user groups kept showing up and I looked in every possible place for trash to empty and after 45 mins, I came across this component. 5 mins later, problem solved -- and the easy buttons at the bottom for trash and cache are a fantastic time saver. Haven't played with the other perks but am sure to discover and enjoy them in time. Thank you developer for sharing the goodies!
Reviews: 6
Simple, free, freely downloadable, supported by good documentation. Fantastic!
Reviews: 14
It is just the best, such a handy little admin helper all right! One click from the top of any admin page now cleans the site cache instead of navigating to the native joomla clean cache. You can even pick in the config what to clean and also all the recycle bins. I haven't even checked out the other parts of this little helper I just installed it for the clean cache feature - thanks so much fasterjoomla!!
Reviews: 14
Noticed this little guy, was having problem with my .htaccess file and thought what the . This little guy does exactly what he says and more, a must load component now on all my websites first up just like Akeeba Backup Professional is a must. Would be happy to pay for this component for simplicity of use alone.
Reviews: 2
i had some issues on my joomla 3 site (conflict with sh404) but the developer provide me fast and great support and found the solution. recommend for everyone
Reviews: 1
I downloaded the component because I needed to quickly create favicons and apple touch icons, but after I found the clean cache function I have been installing it on all my sites. It has other features which I haven't used. Overall, nice, easy to use, and it really helps in setting up a new site.