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AJAX toggler Plugin

Revolution in Joomla Administration - AJAX toggler!

Speed-up Joomla! administration with AJAX support!

The plugin provides AJAX features and backend page isn't reloaded on various actions like publishing/unpublishing, featuring/unfeaturing, sorting tables by columns, pagination links, filtering, ordering, searching the rows etc. and even shows system messages.

Works in all modern browsers and with most 3rd party extensions.

Allows disabling of loading for selected components.

Free version includes:
- Ajaxified ordering and pagination of items lists
- Ajaxified changing of statuses in items lists

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Reviews: 5
A lightweight plugin, working fine.
Allows Publish or unpublish on the fly.
Reviews: 8
This has made my work so much faster. You don't know what you're missing if you don't run this.
Reviews: 5
i just saw this just updated plugin and decided to give it a try... wow.. simple, clean install (ok, its just a plug) but still.. does what its saids, in a very clean ajax way... i already packaged for all my installs... very lightweight also..

Great plugin!
Reviews: 1
The best way to describe this is...
"This is the MOST Sexy Admin Component I have ever seen."
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says and is very effective. Definitely makes life a bit easier, to say the least...
Reviews: 1
it's always the first plugin i install on new sites
Reviews: 11
I expected more from this extension. It takes more to sort or order items than before. I uninstall it.

I expect from this kind of tool to facilitate creating, modifying or deleting items.
Reviews: 52
This should be part of the Joomla core! This save a lot of page refreshing when working in the backend.
Reviews: 3
I was stunned at the difference when toggling extensions from enabled to disabled and back again and when toggling the published status of articles. I wish it worked when selecting multiple articles but since mostly I toggle one article or extension this works PERFECTLY!
Reviews: 11
Works as you would expect perfect.

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