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JSN PowerAdmin was built with one single goal in mind: to make Joomla EASY and fun to use.

Simple things in Joomla such as changing module positions, hiding an article’s title or relocating menu items might be difficult for a Joomla Newbie. JSN PowerAdmin allows you to have full control over your Joomla website in a single screen. With JSN PowerAdmin, you can:

* Control all website content, including Menus, Components, and Modules in just one place. The user can easily do tasks such as editing details and reordering items using drag-n-drop. There is no need to compare the front-end and the back-end content.
* Locate a wide variety of items, which you need to edit but have no idea about where they are
* Edit, duplicate or uninstall all existing template styles with just a few clicks

Do you want to see right now how it effectively supports you in managing your Joomla administration?

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Don’t waste a second to make your job easier with this FREE product, check it out now!

***** Download JSN PowerAdmin *****

Languages Available: English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, French and Russian.

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Reviews: 2
Having a site with lots of components, modules and plugins. It sometimes get's a little bit frustrating to find the right extension. Then I discovered "JSN PowerAdmin"
This is such a powerfull/beautiful extension !!

I love the search function and the menu creator.

I can't wait to see more functions added like Zoo editor. :-)
Reviews: 19
Well this extension is being added to my short list of extensions that must be installed on ALL my Joomla sites. Makes administration backend a joy to navigate. The Ajax search brings up results as you type to help you quickly find any module, article, plugin, etc.. & be able to edit it with just one click! Don't delay - Try it today and you will be hooked!
Reviews: 1
I find this extension really useful.

Even before I started to work with the cp there were a lot of advantages which made working on my joomla-sites more comfortable
Reviews: 1
JSN PowerAdmin is a great timesaver. It adds drag & drop functionality to menues and modules. The livesearch over articles, modules, menues, plugins ... is perfect. You visually can administrate all contentelements like releasedate, author, category etc. I simply love it! Thanks to Joomlashine.
Reviews: 2
This really is the start of something good! Although 2.5 is easier, this makes moving modules around your site really simple. Hope the next release comes soon!
Reviews: 1
I installed this extension and was hopping to have it working on the main Dashboard entrance page, to then notice that it appears on the Extensions drop-down menu.

The idea is good, however, not been accessible directly after we login is a major drop down.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.

It’s not possible to add the whole component’s GUI to dashboard, but we will add a button linking to it.

Reviews: 2
Thanks for a very nice component. It simplifies a lot of Admin work!
Reviews: 5
Tried this extension on my website, very useful, adds new functions to joomla admin panel and all is much easier now!!
Reviews: 16
It looks really great. I can’t wait for K2 support. This extension is really a professional work!
Reviews: 3
Thanks guys for this wonderfull component. It is the best extension for Joomla! I've seen for long long time.
Reviews: 1
Search functionality and site manager is saved me lots of time. I'll install it in all of my website.
Reviews: 1
This component has a "killer" feature.
Once installed you can search for your installed extensions or written articles etc. in a live searchbox like the google live search!

It makes finding things in the backend easier and faster. Should be built in joomla!

Thank you for your work!
Reviews: 3
You made my life way easier now, since i have a lot of content on my site, and there will be even more.

The quick search is very practically and easy to use.
I also like the way it shows you modules assignment.
Its ajax based i think, so there is no need to reload every page, but just click on the menu list and modules will pop up.
I can imagine only one thing for this to be better, when it cover some basic seo feauters, like title, description, keywords, and robots settings. That would be awesome. Anyway, great job.
Reviews: 1
WOW! This is just a great tool for developers to rapid develop. What a great product. Where do we submit feature request ;) Keep up the good work and will be using this moving forward.
Reviews: 2
i test it on a big site, very useful.
i save a lot of time, i include it for free for all my customers( less support)
Thank you very much
Reviews: 114
What a pleasure to try out this new component! :-)

This Component + the easy to understand video to watch is one of the best components on Joomla today. I'm always happy to test new things to add to my business website which make my life easier, and this is one of those things that does. Fantastic Job to the developer of the Component and the Plugin.

It loaded first time, installed perfectly on J2.5 and even added a very helpful ADMIN BAR inside the Joomla admin section........ and because I am a perfectionist I noticed one spelling mistake in the Joomla admin section. which read:

Admin Sesion Infinite

I think that needs to read: Admin Session Infinite
Tiny weeny mistake, nothing that glares out!

If you are thinking about downloading this. STOP THINKING AND START DOING. IT IS BRILLIANT.

Owner's reply

Thank you for review. You have very keen eyes.

The language issue you mentioned is already fixed in 1.0.6. You were probably trying 1.0.5.

Reviews: 9
If it does what it says in the video is definitely perfect,And not just perfect but super perfect for free.
Reviews: 24
This is just an awesome idea and it works!! Thank you so much for being a contributor to a community that supposed to be a collective to help people instead of profiting from them!
Reviews: 52

This is the first admin addon I have seen that really helps the user with tasks. Please keep improving it!
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