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Admin branding Plugin

Editor's Note
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Replace Default Joomla Icons/Logos with Your Own Brand in Seconds.

No Tweaking of Template/ Coding Skill Is Required. ** Compatible upto Joomla 3.3.6 **

A pioneer and very popular system plugin to replace all Joomla default icons both on front-end and back-end (admin area). Easy to use and highly customizable. Works with any Template and need no knowledge of coding. Its one of the Most Rated extension on Joomla Directory.

Those who are familiar with WordPress may know of login branding plugin for WordPress but there are none for Joomla. It is a light-weight but powerful plugin to brand or customize your Joomla Admin template/admin panel look and front end login page.

** Branding for both Front-End and Back-End **
Replace default Joomla! logo everywhere with control for Logo width and height

** Light Weight **
Efficiently coded. Never tax your site loading time and works with any Template

** Super Easy to Use **
Flexible and easy. Anyone can configure in matter of seconds

** Color Match Your Template **
Control for Text and Background Color. Bring your brand's color with ease. Match the Style of your Joomla Template

** No Tweaking of Code **
No risk of screwing your Template files while editing codes or core files. This plugin save you tons of coding time

** Footer Branding **
You'll get option to brand even the footer area of Joomla

# Front-end Login Page
** Show/hide the login box title or hide text “Joomla! Administration Login” (From V2.0)
** Change the login title “Joomla! Administration Login” with a custom logo
** Show/hide the lock image and replacement option with creative message
** Change default lock image with any custom image

# Back-end Admin Page
** Show/hide the default Joomla logo
** Replace default Joomla logo with any custom image and branding message
** Show/hide site title
** Change title text color
** Show/hide Joomla version number
** Change version text color
** Show/hide footer copryright info

Latest Updates for Joomal 3.x

Version 1.7
- new options introduced to custom the footer text
Version 1.8
- new css added to make the login page background image responsive

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Reviews: 6
Excellent extension. Very easy to set up. I had an issue with the responsiveness of the log in page background image, and the support team solved it very fast. Great support!
Reviews: 1
This plugin was great! Very flexible and easy to use. The support was also excellent. Had an issue with a customization of an admin template and they responded within an hour ON A WEEKEND! Resolution took a couple of e-mails back and forth and they helped resolve the issue with minimal effort on my part. Pretty awesome these days. I highly recommend both the plugin and JoomlaKave.
Reviews: 5
Incredibility easy to install and use. Definitely a must have and a big time saver for personalising back-end branding. For just a couple bucks and a couple minutes to setup, it feels like a brand new admin area. Job well done and top points to the Codeboxr team on this plugin.
Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin !!!

I think is a must have plugin for designers and everyone.
Reviews: 2
great extension.. simple and easy to setup.. hope for the update with custom login footer ;)
Reviews: 1
Plugin works great and the Codeboxr team is even fantastic. They were quick to help me fix the issues I was having (due to my own mistake), were prompt in answering any questions I had and were determined to make me a happy customer! Couldn't say enough good things about the customer service team as well as making a great product!
Reviews: 41
It's amazing how much clients like to have a bit of branding on their websites and this does the job very nicely indeed :)

I'm also highly impressed with the support - there were a couple of warnings (nothing broken) I found when updating to a more recent version of PHP and was debugging a site. They fixed them immediately and sent me an updated version - great service!!
Reviews: 6
It's a great way to white label the Joomla platform.

Works really well. I can recommend it.
Reviews: 7
Sent an email because I couldn't download the product and received a reply within 30 minutes. It was midnight were he was and a weekend!

Works like intended, allows to create great shortcuts and that bit of finess. Thank you.
Reviews: 4
Downloaded yesterday and start using for one of my product. Very useful plugin for Branding. Very easy to use. Plan you use the plugin in all our sites...Thanks
Owner's reply

Great to know that 'Admin Branding' is really useful :)

Reviews: 5
This is a must have plugin for designers. Provides consistent branding for the login and administrative backend. This plugin is fast & easy to use.
Reviews: 2
Excellent little plugin, did exactly what I needed very quickly. A suggestion for adding another feature - is it possible to add a feature to change the favicon image?
Reviews: 19
I've used this plugin quite a bit in my Joomla 1.5 sites, and loved how I was able to add my own touch to each site I developed. The plugin was easy to use and understand.

I'm setting up my first Joomla 2.5 site, and was very happy to see this plugin was all ready to go for Joomla 2.5. I ran into some display problems, and notified CodeBoxR right away. Sabuj Kundu got back to me when his day began and worked on the issues right away. (We are on opposite sides of the world.) I am very happy with the responsiveness of the company and will be using it on all my sites for Joomla 2.5. Highly recommended!

I too would like to see functionality added to be able to personalize the Offline Message page so it is easy to make this page look like it belongs to the new site. This would make the plugin complete.
Reviews: 3
This is a great little plugin that provides a consistent branding for the back-end. Perfect for those of us who are serious about design and making everything look as good as possible.

Suggestion: Enhance the plugin to include branding of the 'Site Offline' page, and maybe allow us to add a technical support contact email/phone number to the branded admin page.

I think you should bundle 1.5/1.6/1.7 versions together and the product would sell better.

Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. We will think about offline page branding, nice idea to add more features.

Reviews: 5
Brilliant plugin. Does exactly as described and removes all branding from Login & Administration. No instructions as such but if you hover over particular settings it tells you where to put Custom logos etc. Basically you put your Custom Site logo, Custom Login logo, and Custom Lock image all in the same Images Folder (where powered_by.png resides)I have purchased the 1.7 version and can now make Login & Administration look very professional. Cost converted to less than €9 which is great value
Reviews: 4
My friend Buy this plugin for me.... EASY INSTALL... EASY TO USE.. JUST WHAT I LOOKING FOR... ! by the way... i still can not change the colour... but this plugin... BEST BEST BEST... !!!