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Quickicons for Community Builder Module

Community Builder Quickicons module adds the Community Builder Quickicons right into the admin Cpanel, and the fresh icons looks pleasant.

The module is based on K2 quickicon module and has been suitably modified to work as CB quickicon module and to avoid any conflict with K2 original module, when K2 and CB are used simultaneously.

Installation :

Install it as a normal module using Joomla! install / uninstall method. To manually enable this module, go to Extensions >> Module Manager and click the Administrator link NOT the Site link. Set the position to icon and enable this module. You can order it to show above the default Joomla Quickicons or below them.



- updated for Joomla 2.5.x and CB 1.9


- Updated for J 1.5.23 & CB 1.4
- Broken layout fixed.
- Language File added.
- Css Style Updated.

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