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MultiTier ComponentPlugin

MultiTier is an advanced online marketing tool for Joomla based websites which allows you to create your own affiliate network and promote your website (bussines) fast and easy.

MultiTier will help increase your web sites traffic volume. You can reward your affiliates on a different basis.

With a multi-tier affiliate program your affiliates are not only rewarded for sending you traffic, but also for sending you new affiliates who then send you traffic.

J MultiTier supports per click, per page view, per affiliates brought, per registration. Each affiliate can support one or all types plus different types of bonus.

Bonus commissions can be given to affiliates for a number of page views, number of clicks, new affiliates reffered or new registrations.

J Multitier offers your affiliates unlimited number of banners, text links and email creative.

J MultiTier offers numerous advanced reports on a daily basis to help you measure affiliates performance.

Send Marketing Emails in HTML or Text format to your affiliates.

Compatible with Joomla! 1.5.x, 2.5.x and 3.x

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Reviews: 6
My experience has been very successful with the company. A very professional. You can easily build an affiliate program. Can be translated into different languages​​, even those who do not programers . I had a problem when running the software, and I received professional service courteous and reliable.
I hesitated because the previous response, but I'm glad I went with my gut.
In short good and recommended
Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension because it was exactly what i need. But after installing it i found that it has so poor documentation that i'm not able to figure out how to make it work. It has a lot of features and settings that is hard to understand without documentation.

After requesting more detailed documentation and tutorial, i've got answer from developer, that it all will be implemented in new, upcoming version in couple of weeks.

Five weeks is passed, there is no new version. I contacted developer again regarding new version, and this time he didn't say any words about the new version, only directed me to very poor, old help section on their site.

I thought it's not fair to promise new version, and not keeping this promise. So i contacted this developer again, but this time trough PayPal. Right after that this developer blocked my IP, so now i can't even access their website.

Overall what i want to say, is that this extension lacks documentation, and i had not so pleasant experience with the developer of this extension.

Will be glad to write a new review if developer will provide detailed documentation or new version (as promised)

(I have few years experience with Joomla, and easily working with a lot of advanced extensions)