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OpenX Single Page Call Module

Editor's Note
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Updated April 2012 - Tested Joomla 2.5 Support

OpenX Single Page Call allows you to easily implement your OpenX tags into your Joomla site via a Single Page Call. Instead of making several calls to the ad server for pages with multiple ads, a single call loads the page much faster, without the delays associated with rendering each zone individually. You will need to have an OpenX account whether on your own infrastructure of on the hosted version of OpenX. Visit for more information.

This module was built from the official OpenX Module for Joomla.

Sysgen Media is releasing this module Free of charge to help contribute back to the Open Source Community.

System Requirements
* OpenX 2.6 or later, and also the hosted version of OpenX.
* Joomla 1.5,1.6 or 1.7 Required

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Reviews: 9
I have been using OpenX for some time as a personal banner rotator on non-Joomla sites. I currently use onRamp, but had my own hosted solution before.

Please remember that changes made in OpenX (especially on ramp) take time to trickle down through the web.

Setup took carful reading as you need to make sure you are grabbing the right links/numbers. There could be a touch extra documentation within the extension it's self, but truly is very simple.

Works great, maybe better then OpenX's own. (I choose this one as it is for 2.5)

Very happy customer!
Reviews: 1
I couldn't get this to show any ads, I followed all instructions but nothing worked. I tried different zones without any luck.
Owner's reply

We are sorry you had trouble, however we would be happy to assist you if you post in our forums.

The setup instructions are very specific for the Single Page Call functionality, and require specific setting in your OpenX installation. Please make sure to follow all instructions on our website very carefully.

We provide this extension free for the use of the community, but we are active Joomla developers and use this extension in our own projects as well, so we strive to ensure it works properly.