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Slideshow Minutes Module

Slideshow Minutes is an innovative advertising (ADS) extension!
Minutes Slideshow is a fully backend configurable module that allows to show one advertising every minute.
Your customers will be able to affiliate and buy minutes; for example customer A will give you the banner image to be displayed, the link to the page and the minute he wants to buy (for instance minute 42) So, at 17: 42, 18:42, 19:42, etc. ... the module will show banner of customer A with the specific link to his page.
The module is installed as a normal extension, but to make it work it is necessary to keep a precise syntax which, however, will speed up the banner insertion.
First you need to go to Content> Media Manager and create a special folder which will contain only SlideShow Minutes images.
Images must be named for example: 42.jpg, 43.jpg, 44.jpg etc. ... where numbers represent the minutes when banners will be displayed; in this way it is possible to speed up module configuration.
If we go to module manager, we can set fade between one image and the other; we can set the newly created directory where Slideshow Minutes will find pictures, banner extension (example:. Jpg. Png etc ... ) and the listing of images, also with a precise syntax specified in the description (it can be displayed by pointing the mouse over the word "image links")
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any issue, change or idea for improving Slideshow Minutes!

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Reviews: 16
This is the start of something special. The introduction of tv advertising to websites. Sell a specific minute, every hour of the day, for one day at a certain price. This can only get better.
Thank you developer and I will certainly chip in with any ideas I have to make this better.