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MultiAds Plugin

MultiAds is a powerful Joomla extension allowing you to easily insert advertisements into your websites's articles.

MultiAds supports display of Google Ads,YPN, other advertising formats, and virtually any kind of html code,
in each of the four main content areas of an article:

1. Before Content (i.e. between an article's Title and the rest of an article's content).

2. Top of the Content.

3. Bottom of Content.

4. After Content (i.e. below the display area of all article's content).

Major Features:
* Any kind size of Ads
* Option to use Google Adsense Section, increasing both click-through-rates(CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC).
* Option to show ads to only guests.
* Special articles and categories exclusion.
* Block "dangerous" IP
* Block some kind of browsers or search engine spiders.
* Custom aline style
* Multi-language support, currently support English,Chinese,Japanese.

Block "dangerous" IP
block some kind of browsers or search engine spiders.
Add option to show ads to only guests.
Option to add google_ad_section_start and google_ad_section_end to content, which can Show Ads more relevant to your content, increasing both click-through-rates(CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC).
It may take up to 2 weeks to take effect.

For more details, please view:

The following is Joomla MultiAds tutorial:

V1.6 Add Japanese language file.

V1.7 Show ads to only special article authors.
V1.8 Fix language and configuration bug.
V1.9 Fix the ads align bug.
V2.0 Sections exclusion.
V2.1 Add margin option
v2.2 Add template filter, so that we can only ads to specific templates. It is useful when we don't want to show ads to mobile template.
v2.4 Fix the custom html module bug.

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Reviews: 12
works excellent only show in article layout if its selected.

only one thing, include or exclude section, category, article, instead exclude.
Reviews: 5
Essential plugin for all sites based on articles and reviews. It has a lot of configuration parameters and it works very well. Thanks to developers.
Reviews: 1
It is EASY to use, simply insall and enable the plugin, then it works well,,,,,


my previous installed standard mod_banner from Joomla default banner stop to work as well,,,,,,

I also tried to change many module extensions to replace the default mod_banner, but each one cannot works as well too ,,,,,,,

It seems the plugin has a little code Parameters conflict with the joomla standards?

Well, I had to pause the MultiAds plugin, and look forward for help,,,,, as well,
Reviews: 1
Thinks for all you have done! is so good!
Reviews: 1
The plugin is brilliant but I've problems with margins. Though I put margin in order that it doesn't stick so much to the text ... there is no way. Look in http: // Option=com_content*view=article*id=1:la-leche-en-belleza*catid=5*Itemid=16

Help me!

Thank you.

Reviews: 3
Thanks for sharing! Great Plug-In
I'd like to see a function fluffybunny already mentioned. Would be useful if you can put ads between the introduction text (not title!) and the main text - right after the "read more" line. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Very good plugin but only 2 problems...

The plugin is not show ads on blog views or Front Page views, only before content ads show in blog views or Front Page.

But the problem is that center, right, left buttons not working...

Any help about this?
Reviews: 1
Easy to use!
Reviews: 1
its the most easiest plugin to use its just amazing
now i dont need and custum modules to add in my theme>:)
Reviews: 3
I use this on my website and this makes putting ads super easy! Thank you!
Reviews: 3
I have came through all the plugins and modules for AdSense and found out that this is really the Best one.
Thanks a lot for it.
Reviews: 3
This is a great tool, but it would be fabulous was it K2 compatible!
Reviews: 19
Great adsense set up. One thing is that if you could exlude to show ads for Joomla components like Mosets Tree com_mtree I would be great bcs now its shows up ads where you dont want them to be..
Reviews: 1
This plugin make the life of anyone easier, it works out of the box! And is very configurable! The possibility to exclud articles, sessions, categories is a plus.
Reviews: 5
This a really good plugin, but it lacks one important feature, which is why I haven't given it the full 5 star rating.

That feature is to be able to place the ads a couple of hundred words into the article. For instance, after 300 words, or 500 words. This way, if you have longer articles, you can place ads INSIDE an article, which -as many know- works best if you want high clickthrough rates.

Other than that, works very well and is easy to set up.
Reviews: 30
Great Plugin, simple, easy and useful, thanks.
Reviews: 1
Unfortunately, this plugin doesn't seem to work correctly with jreviews, which would be incredibly valuable. For example, instead of putting the AdSense unit after the main article's content, it places it at after the last review.
Owner's reply

This is a plugin order setting problem.
Please set MultiAds before JReviews.

Reviews: 2
Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

I've been spending almost a week searching for this kind of plugin. I just can't seem to describe it. Perhaps you need to add more tags on this extension like "insert banner inside article" "insert banner without using loadposition" or "banner inside content" "banner anywhere in within the content/article"

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
It is simple to set up, easy to understand for a newbie, and does exactly what it says on the tin. It took me just 2 minutes to have ads in all my articles. FANTASTIC!!!
Reviews: 14
Simple as it need to be. Objective to put the adds inside the website. If the template has many module positions, it becomes very handy.
Congratulations and thanks for the developers.
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