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MultiAds Plugin

MultiAds is a powerful Joomla extension allowing you to easily insert advertisements into your websites's articles.

MultiAds supports display of Google Ads,YPN, other advertising formats, and virtually any kind of html code,
in each of the four main content areas of an article:

1. Before Content (i.e. between an article's Title and the rest of an article's content).

2. Top of the Content.

3. Bottom of Content.

4. After Content (i.e. below the display area of all article's content).

Major Features:
* Any kind size of Ads
* Option to use Google Adsense Section, increasing both click-through-rates(CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC).
* Option to show ads to only guests.
* Special articles and categories exclusion.
* Block "dangerous" IP
* Block some kind of browsers or search engine spiders.
* Custom aline style
* Multi-language support, currently support English,Chinese,Japanese.

Block "dangerous" IP
block some kind of browsers or search engine spiders.
Add option to show ads to only guests.
Option to add google_ad_section_start and google_ad_section_end to content, which can Show Ads more relevant to your content, increasing both click-through-rates(CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC).
It may take up to 2 weeks to take effect.

For more details, please view:

The following is Joomla MultiAds tutorial:

V1.6 Add Japanese language file.

V1.7 Show ads to only special article authors.
V1.8 Fix language and configuration bug.
V1.9 Fix the ads align bug.
V2.0 Sections exclusion.
V2.1 Add margin option
v2.2 Add template filter, so that we can only ads to specific templates. It is useful when we don't want to show ads to mobile template.
v2.4 Fix the custom html module bug.

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Reviews: 1
I was looking for something to display adsense ads in my posts, and found your extension.
Really nice and super-easy to configure, just copy/paste adsense code in your preferred position (I like the "Content Top") and I also like the ability to exclude categories
Reviews: 2
Excellent updait. i was waiting for this to come, and now is here. Very nice work!
Reviews: 2
Just the best you can get! worked like a charm thank you very much! I can't believe That i found a working plug-in for this so fast thank you again and again XD

I will be on the donators list soon!
Reviews: 54

Guys and Gals if you are building a site with many pages or even several Joomla sites, you really dont want to place all your time adding Adsense code page by page into content.

( unless you have a pretty decent template with lots of module slots everywhere, you could use a module )

This plugin was simple to install and setup. 3 Minutes total! and the adsense ads go right in my content body.

So much time has been saved, it does exactly what is says.
A BIG Thanks to the developers!
Reviews: 1
Easy to configure and works exactly as expected.
I'd like to suggest the option to set border and vertical and horizontal space.

Thanks for this great extension
Reviews: 2
Thank you - very easy to install and to use. Works exactly as expected!
Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin, very easy to setup! Thank you!
Reviews: 6
The extension is really good and it makes everything it says, and it's REALLY easy to use. Even for a beginer like me, I could configure it in 2 minutes. I'm not giving the whole raiting cause the alignment thing just doesn't work. It doesn't matter if you chose left, center, right, or none, cause it always place the add at the left.

But I'd really recommend this extension for its easy funcionality. Look forward for updates!
Reviews: 1
I just installed MultiAds and experimented with it for a while on a Joomla 1.5 site. I'm a Joomla newbie, so it takes me a while to figure out some extensions, but MultiAds was easy to use, and it worked well. I had a few problems with certain ads, but only when I tried to display an ad wider than the content (probably a bad idea anyway). Also, when I was running four image ads at the same time, sometimes one of the four ads would be invisible. That didn't happen with text ads. Overall, a pleasant plugin to play with.
Reviews: 2
This is a must have for adsense integration into contents.

Overall the support is great!
Submitted the issue and after few hours received the update :D

Thanks Joe
Reviews: 3
This plugin is quick to install and performs as advertised. I would give 5 stars if it was possible to exclude access levels. For example, I would like to exclude registered users, so that when they log in they do not see ads. Anyway, great stuff.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a Google Adsense solution for Joomla 1.5 and in my opinion, MultiAds is currently the best!

Very simple to use


Thanks to Joe
Reviews: 97
This plugin can insert Ads code automatically into your articles. It also can insert other code! After the author added the ability of excluding certain categories in the latest version, I think this plugin should be installed on each Joomla! 1.5.x.

Great job! Thanks to Joe.
Reviews: 1
Great extension, great idea
There is still one feature I'd love to see: option to exclude certain articles from Google ad.
Still, this is the best of its kind. Many thanks.
Owner's reply

I am glad that you like MultiAds.
I have published a new version MultiAds with excluding articles and categories.

Reviews: 1
This little plug-in is easy to use and gives the results as promised. I had some trouble with the older version but Joe made the necessary changes, and v.1.0.1 works like a treat.

Thanks Joe
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