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Ebay Flash seller Module

Are you seller on Ebay and you want to promote your auctions on your website, to attract potential bidders?
Just select some parameters to match your needs and your listing will be automatically displayed in the module as a slideshow. This module uses the the latest API available on Ebay developer website.

New version 3.0

Parameters available:
- Seller ID
- Types of item (auction, all items).

- Sort order (End of auction, bid count, price plus shipping, current bid).
- Number of auctions.
- length of each slide
- 6 different languages
- site ID: localize your auctions in the 11 ebay different websites
- transparent background available
-5 different display sizes (rectangular, skyscraper or leaderboard).
- cachable in the parameter module
- new: social sharing on Facebook for each auction

Additional features:
- W3C compatible
- flash external interface: the flash interface is on our server, so updates of ebay API and improvements are automatically available on your website.
- You can build different versions of the widget for several pages.
- this version is compatible with php 4 and 5. No need for JSON library or SimpleXML lib.

This module is part of a viral widget for ebay available independantly from Joomla on this page:
And part of the eBay solution directory, as an eBay compatible Application:

Please don't hesitate to ask for additional features. Thanks for your download

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Reviews: 1
The module was working fine until I spotted a small bug. I was a bit worried at first but the tech team answered my email in less than 5 minutes and dealt with my problem so fast I was amazed.

Although this is a flash player and you cannot view this on apple devices I am very happy and will not be moving on!!

Thanks!! :D
Reviews: 2
If all extensions could work like yours, life would be easier! Took 2' to instal painlessly and I am enjoying ever since. Thanks a lot for this community gift. Hats off and best regards
Reviews: 1
As a Joomla novice when I spotted this extension I felt it was a must have but wondered if I would be able to install it without any problem. I needn't have worried, it installed in moments and was working perfectly jusy as quickly. I had one tiny concern about the UK currency only showing 1 decimal place (e.g. .5 and not .50) but noticed that the developer had corrected a similar problem for the US currency. So I sent an email asking if it could be changed for the UK. Less than an hour later and it was done, how's that for support for a free extension. Congratulations, this is a great extension, thank you. Ichabod.
Reviews: 2
Module works well - although I wish it had a bit more templates/customization available on the design.

Bug in IE
Would have given this a Good rating except I found an bug in IE (tried in both IE8 & IE9). The auction details are cached for repeat visits when using IE. Works in Firefox and updates accordingly so I have cache settings fine.

For an auction extension having stale data isn't a good thing since it makes the visitor think there is more time available on the auction (and lower price) than what is actually represented. I don't want a potential bidder thinking that have days left instead of hours.
Owner's reply

- We are using the standard cache libraries of Joomla.
- a variable is used to not put in cache the swf.
So we don't see why you have issues with the cache.
You should inspect your template cache system for more investigations.
Please use our website contact form if you need help.

Reviews: 8
I was happy with this module. 4 stars!
My only disappointments are:
1) A fixed size module doesn't play well with a liquid width template. In this day when users have anything from 800x600 to 1920x1200 display, being restricted to a pixel width is frustrating and limiting.
And 2) Although e-bay would like to convince us otherwise, not EVERY sale via their site is an auction. Having only auction-related text (ie: Bid history, Current Bid) hard-coded into the module is distressing to my clients (that was the first thing they noticed, and immediately asked me to fix). I was very glad to be able to change the "Bid Now!" button, hoping more control over the text will be upcoming.
All in all, this module did exactly what I expected with little to no pain on my part. YAY! :)
Reviews: 1
"As the widget is distant"


Which the developer somehow forgot to mention.
Owner's reply

To provide:
- an instant access of the widget on user's web pages
- the easiest way to update the module
and to avoid server issues and script compatibility issues on users servers

we've decided to MANAGE A DEDICATED SERVER with distant files.
We should have written this important detail in our module description!

Reviews: 2
Thank you so much for this beautiful addition to my mom's website! This SAVED me from entering a new redirect page for each relisted auction (with it's new ebay item number).

I LOVE that I just installed it and easily tweaked it to add css class changes, LOVE having the transparent option, LOVE the FLASH! You guys made a nifty module that looks SO GOOD!

Suggestion....well, I haven't looked too deeply (because you made it so easy to use!!! :>), but I would like to put 2 digit places after the decimal point in the far all my auctions end with .00 after the dollars, but it shows up as .0.

Thank you again, and I know it won't be long before you guys get a zillion users!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback!
I've updated the module according to your request:
- two digits appear after the ., for USD currency.
- a placerholder appears when there's no gallery picture from eBay.

As the widget is distant, updates are already available in your existing version on your website!

Thank you

Reviews: 3
Just added this extension to a site I'm building. Looks Great so far. Any info on how to adjust the background colour to none? Or any of the other colours for that matter.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your report.
This feature was added in the 1.3 version posted today.