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MyEbay Module

Do you want to show ebay auctions related to your content, or just put additional features to attract users on your website?
It's very easy with myEbay module. Just select some parameters to match your needs and your listing will be automatically displayed in the module. This module uses the the latest API available on Ebay developer website.

Parameters available:
- Your location (US, UK AU, DE, FR or CA)
- search terms.
- Number of auctions to display.
- cachable in the parameter module
- Choose template: Display thumbnails with description OR listing with price
- new parameters in the 1.6 version: sort order, auction type, search type

Additional features:
- all codes done on our widgets, updated by ajax
- automated translation according to your location parameter
- efficient and clean code (9Ko zip archive)
- CSS file to modify layout (tableless css)

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Reviews: 4
as a relative newb to Joomla I love stuff that just works. This extension is like that. It installs easily and is simple to configure exactly how I want. The page I use it on has 2 modules running together and page load times seem the same as other less complex pages so it doesnt seem at all resource intensive. Great stuff, thank you
Reviews: 7
Does what it is made for, fast support from the developper. If you want to display eBay auctions within your Joomla! driven website, this module does it very nicely and very easy!
Reviews: 1
Hello, thanks for this great extension, but it seems it doesn't work with the FR source version, no one items is display (I try with the source and it works perfectly).
Owner's reply

You're right. A variable was changed recently in the eBay API for RSS content.
Download the new version and it should be fine.
Merci pour votre message ;)

Reviews: 1
Looks nice, easy to implement and works great. However if you have another module or some other function calling on Simplepie while this module is enabled, there will be an error shown as Simplepie is called more than once (this module uses Simplepie as well). Seems to be a common occurrence with modules and Simplepie, as I have run into this issue more than once so far.