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AmazonWS Plugin

Amazon Web Services Plugin. This is a content plugin for Joomla 2.5 and 3 which allows you to embed product information, including product images, price, rating and reviews from Amazon directly into your Joomla article. The links include your Amazon Associates ID, allowing you to earn commission for sales through your referral. This can be a great way to earn money through your Joomla articles.

The site administrator can also choose to allow authors to use their own associates id.

You can specify a particular product by its Amazon ASIN or ISBN number. Alternatively the plugin can automatically search Amazon using keywords related to your articles, to find the most suitable product.

Much of the output is customizable, for example you can choose whether or not to show ratings and reviews. The plugin handles signed Amazon requests, and allows choice of Amazon country marketplace services.

There are two ways to render the plugin in your Joomla articles: (1) by adding some simple code to embed the plugin. (2) you can simply select the section, categories or articles for which you wish to render it through the plugin manager. The plugin will then conduct a keyword search of the Amazon site using your article metatags, and append the product information to your articles

More Features

* compatible with Joomla Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3

* The plugin includes templating system that allows for template overriding of the plugin output
* translateable: the plugin uses language .ini files, plus many of the output labels can be set as parameters

**** News ****

Version 3.1.0 includes many additional features, including improved debugging output, many new Amazon tags and the ability to define your own templates and switch them through the plugin embedding code.

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Reviews: 16
Usually I really like to offer free informations to the users of my sites. It 's always been a dream of mine to write articles and provide the books in support of the theme that I'm dealing with. With this extension I can easily provide book resources and it's make the site richer of informations and at the same time I can earn without efforts. Fiona gives a great support, many thanks for everything.
Reviews: 2
As a complete Joomla beginner, I found the setup of this plugin to be easy. You need to look at their FAQ's and take note of what is said there. I struggled, because I did not know enough about metatags in articles, but the support is superb!! Problem solved thanks to support. If you want something that puts Amazon sites on your page, this plugin is for you. I highly recommend this plugin. Well worth the small cash asked.
Reviews: 2
This plugin is absolutely awesome as is the customer support. Very easy to install and get working. I installed on 2 test servers, one on the web and one local and both performed very well.
This plugin gives you the opportunity to create a custom store with amazon. Easily pick the products you would like to sale.

Customer support is AAA+ . I had a few questions and Fiona responded quickly and provided the information that was needed.

Excellent Job.
Reviews: 4
This is the extension I was looking for to help 'productize' my website. It was easy to install and easy to get working with my site. I think the biggest issue I have is getting the right 'meta tags' for the plugin to select items on Amazon. But that is my issue not a plugin issue. What I have been doing is making sure the first item in the Megatag is the ASIN & the second item is the title/author/artist/manufacturer of the product.

I would recommend getting this plugin for anyone who wants a simple way to productize their website with Amazon.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive feedback. Your tip about using the ASIN as a meta tag is useful - I had not thought of that myself.

If you want to target a specific product you can also use embedding code with the plugin, but it is a less convenient way to do it.

You can also restrict the product search to specific categories, eg books as a way to restrict the results. There is a bit of trial and error I have found with Amazon search.