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Amazon Omakase Plugin

This highly configurable Plugin allows you to publish Amazon Omakase ads within your content and includes both BASIC and ADVANCED configuration options.

You can specify default values within the Plugin Edit screen, and override any or all of those settings on a case by case basis when you enter the mambot in your content. The Plugin inserts the Amazon Omakase code within a div container with a css style class that you can specify to allow for custom styling including float, text-align, margin and padding

Works with US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Japan Amazon Associates programs. In beta form, this product now also supports Amazon Italy, China and Spain.

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Reviews: 1
Worked great just as described in the very clear documentation.

I'm a coding newb so I had to ask a couple of questions and Mike got back to me each time within minutes.
Reviews: 1
Installed no problem, had a formating question and developer answered me inside of 30 minutes, problem solved.
Reviews: 1
Looking for simple ways to monetise your Joomla sites can be a real problem at times. The Amazon Omakase plugin provides a solution.
This plugin inserts amazon products into content, based on keywords you choose and the content of your site.
My only issue is that it only worked for US amazon associates program but after a quick email the plugin was quickly updated to work for the UK program too!
Great support and a great little plugin. Thanks a lot!