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Vip Amazon Associates Module

It is a simple solution that adds Amazon Associates Widget on your site. The widget generates random query based on your keywords or phrases. You can also use site keywords or page title in the query to Amazon.
The extension is an easy way to make money online.

* Several domains:
* Banners in several sizes
* Many options - colour, price, open link target, alignment
* Many categories
* Custom phrases or automatic phrases' generating
* Ability to put a custom code
* Block IP addresses

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Reviews: 1
Works as described. Best usage is by using the keywords to fetch items from Amazon.
Reviews: 2
Works like Charm!!! I am from India even though India is not added... I used the widget code from and it worked like Charm...

Also Developer can you please add as well just so that I can enjoy other options whihc you have created...
Reviews: 3
I like the ease of the extension. I would like to be able to center the banners and also have more control over what's on the page, similar to Amazon allows. But Amazon is confusing so if the publisher would help, that'd be great.
Reviews: 4
Wasted a lot of time trying to make the Amazon widgets work to no avai - until I found this extension. It's easy to install, simple to configure and works well. The only wish I have is to be able to choose the type of widget (like the cool Carousel).
Reviews: 3
This is a perfect solution for Amazon banner ads but unfortunately I needed to use the 234x60 size which doesn't work, they included it as an option but when you choose it you get a 120x600 no matter what. Looked at the PHP file and didn't really want to spend the time messing with it. Also, it doesn't center the ad for those of us who have larger columns than the 160x600 skyscraper (mine are 250). If those issues were addressed it would be worthy of the 5 star rating. Thanks...
Reviews: 2
This was really simple to set up and does what it says on the tin!
Reviews: 3
This was a dream to setup and provides exactly what I needed to keep the Amazon store on my new site stocked with fresh content.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension! It saves a lot of time from having to go back and forth and get codes. The only thing I wish though is that it has a justification section: left, right, center. Other than that, it's perfect! Thanks for the upgrade to 1.6, too.
Reviews: 3
thanks to developer for this easy to use and easy to install module.

wanted to add products to a site fast, and this was perfect for the job
Reviews: 1
Very helpful. Saves a lot of work. Gives you the ability to create one module for all of your product sections instead of creating an individual one for all.