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PRI Ads Plugin

PRI Ads is a plugin that allows displaying ads in articles. You can place ads in five predefined positions and ads can be from Google Adsense and other companies.

PRI Ads features:

Ads count
Exclude Article
Exclude Category
Exclude User Groups - new v4.1
Block IP
Ads align
Ads margin
Ads padding
Ads border
Responsive control: show/hide ads on phone/tablet/desktop
and more!

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Reviews: 1
Perfect plugin. It works well on 2.5 and 3+ versions. Easy to customize, it does not weight site. I tried all google ads extensions and this is the only one fit my needs. 3 ads in top, inside and bottom positions. Result: perfect!
Reviews: 1
Took me some time sorting through the extensions in the same category to find this.. An excellent extension, I wanted to choose where to insert Ads in my content, and this extension lets you specifically choose how many paragraphs up or down in the main content for your ad to appear. Then I got thinking and decided I wanted to specify two ad positions in the main content, one so many paragraphs up from the bottom and another so many paragraphs down which the extension at this time cannot do. A quick message to the developer on his forum and he promised to include this in the next version! (I see in the forum he's promised additions before and has delivered).
I can recommend this if you want more flexibility than just the set positions that other extensions in the category offer.