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ContentAds Plugin

Content ads is a plugin intended to maky easy to insert google Adsense or other ad code into your joomla content.

Currently there is 5 positions available with full css control for each one: before content,top content,inside content,bottom content and after content.

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Reviews: 4
I use this plugin for a long time. Very pleased!
His main advantage is that you can insert an advertisement in the middle of the article (click Inside content ads).
Respect to the developers that made it.
Reviews: 19
Works out of the box, easy to use, ability to use basic HTML to align and do other stuff.

Great plug-in!!

Thank you!
Reviews: 2
This plugin made my website income grow 400%. It wasn't that good before, but now it works for me. Very easy to install and you can just add some ID's for the sites that you don't want the advertisements to appear.Just great, and free!!
Reviews: 1
I have literally tested all ad extensions out there for one of my clients website ... but this was the only one solved the problem of inserting ads in the middle of the contents. best thing is you can control after how many paragraphs you want to insert the ad.
Reviews: 4
This was just the perfect plugin for what I needed. Simple to configure and works like a charm on both my traditional and mobile Joomla sites.

I liked it so much I had to figure out how I could duplicate a plugin in the installation of Joomla so I could use more than once instance of it.

Thank you so much for such a great tool!!
Reviews: 3
After going through half a dozen other plugins, this was the only one showing ads both in article view and blog view, while having an ad limiter. Works great :)
Small bug: Ad limiter counter needs +1, ie if you want 2 ads you need to put 3 in the box, but very minor :)
Reviews: 16
I've been trying to accomplish one thing and it hasn't been easy: insert Google ads into the article content, float it right and have it only display on article view (not front page, featured or category). No code to manually insert, the plugin handles that. I've tried every extension here and this is the only one that gets it done. Bravo.
Reviews: 5
I was looking for this extension. Excellent, awesome.